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iPhone 5 pre-orders go live on T-Mobile USA

T-Mobile iPhone 5 pre-orders have gone live, and the last of major US carriers to not have the iPhone now has it as last. Thanks to T-Mobile's new Simple choice plans, you can get a 16GB iPhone 5 for $99, 32GB from $199, or 64 GB for $299, or you can buy them outright for $579.99, $679.99, $779.99. Black or white.

The iPhone 5 on T-Mobile ships on April 12, 2013.

If you pick one up, let me know which model!

Rene Ritchie

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  • It looks like the price is $70 cheaper than Apple store for an unlocked phone.
  • Yeah, and even if you pay full retail at Sprint, Verizon or AT&T. So looks as though they are giving a slight discount. Either way you go, if the coverage is good for your area? Might be the best value out there. Especially if you are ok keeping the phone for 3 years where you would have 12 months of a $20 lower bill. Not sure how it will work (with the iPhone or any phone), but give T-Mobile credit - they are trying to differentiate themselves.
  • But instead of having to shell out the entire money to buy the iPhone in the beginning, you're basically just having a payment plan for the complete price. It's somewhat of a deal and it's not. And in that 3 years that it will take to payoff that iPhone, you can bet Apple will have come out with a newer one. Props to T-Mobile for trying, though.
  • 2 years. And the overall price is less, as in it is 579.99 instead of 649. It takes the same two years to "pay off" as it does on contract, but they're showing exactly how much costs, not "built in" to the contract pricing. Sprint is 79/89 a month, but I don't know how much of that is towards my phone, same with AT&T and Verizon. This TMobile plan allows me to stop paying them if I find someone better, but still pay off the phone.
  • Wonder if this is an indicator that we're going to see the 5s real soon based on these prices and some of the big box dealers discounting this and other Apple products.
  • and with t-mobile's new setup, just payoff the iphone 5, sell it on ebay, use that cash to go towards the 5s... seems pretty good to me... don't have to wait the 20 to 24 months.... remember to... with the other three carries... you still pay the same price no matter if the phone is paid for or not... seems like a rip off to me.
  • I want to know when apple will be selling these models in canada so that I can use one on the wind network
  • ? 6 years late there guys...
    Pretty bad when the first version of the #1 phone in terms of hardware, is its it's iPhone "5"
  • +1 for snark
    -1 for content
  • I'm not getting this now, but I have pretty much decided that I am switching to T-Mobile (from ATT) when the next iPhone comes out.
  • I am lost the retail price say $579 for qulified customers what if im a new customer and never had t mobile before i heard it was 649 wtf whats the price for a new tmobile customer i really want to get a new phone android is too buggy after 3 years
  • No its 579.99 regardless of new or existing customer.
    So, $99 down. You are at 479.99 and pay $20 a month on top of your monthly rate until its paid off. Or you can pay it off when ever and your monthly rate is cheaper since your not paying the $20 anymore.
  • Oh wow, more cheaper than other companies, sweet
  • I can definitely say that they are trying something different. There is not any other company doing something like this, and I'm very interested to see how this plays out...
    Hopefully they can re-gain some lost market share because coming from sprint I will never return no matter how much they improve themselves
  • While its really nice of T-Mobile to let you pay off your iPhone in installment plans, I wouldn't recommend getting it just yet. With rumors that next iPhone is arriving in August, it would seem like a waste to have to pay off a phone that is about to be replaced in four months
  • Seems reasonable to me. The iPhone 5S isn't far away. Unless someone's current phone is dead and they absolutely must have a new one right now, it would be better to wait for the iPhone 5S.
  • The prices are great, and the plans are awesome; however, after doing some research, T-Mobile is horribly bad in Las Vegas. Some people can't even get reception in their own homes. This truly worries me. I hope they beef up their towers soon. I would love to ditch Verizon.
  • This is great for all the t-mobile subscribers. I'm glad they are getting the iPhone. The more people have the phone, the more I can communicate with iMessage.
  • I have been using T-Mobile for about six years now. I am wondering if I can add this to my fiends and family plan which I like
  • Yup. I added it to mine, and the monthly plan cost (w/o iPhone cost) went down $10 per month, and 2GB more hi-speed data.