iPhone 5 pre-orders sold out, now shipping in a minimum of two weeks

The iPhone 5 went on pre-order earlier this morning and if you are looking to grab one direct from Apple, it is already too late. The shipping date for every model of the iPhone 5 be it Black or White, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB is now showing as two weeks in the United States. Previously if you pre-ordered the iPhone 5 delivery was guaranteed for Friday September 21.

It appears to be a very similar story around Europe too, the UK is now showing shipping dates as 2-3 weeks for the Black 32GB and 64GB models and two weeks for every other model. The sellout appears to have started just an hour after the iPhone 5 went on sale this morning. Carriers like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon do have some pre-order stock still available although we expect that to be gone pretty soon too.

Source: Apple Store (opens in new tab)


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  • Pre-ordered mine at 2:09AM this morning. :D
  • What timezone and are you getting it in a week?
  • I'm in the Central time zone and it's saying it will be delivered the 21st.
  • same here, central time zone; ordered finalized at 2:28; shows available to ship; delivers 9/21 on my order process email
  • Mine was confirmed at 3:40 CDT. Delivers on 21st.
  • Mine was confirmed @ 3:48 est and I had to wait 2 weeks
  • I'm hoping by the time my upgrade rolls around in November things will have settled down and I will just be able to walk into any Apple or AT&T store and pick one up.
  • Ordered mine at about 1:25am Pacific time and was stuck with 2 weeks before it ships AND it will take approximately 5 days to ship. So I went from wanting "delivery on the 21st" to "delivery possibly on Oct 5th". [sigh] Oh well. At least I've got my order in. Enjoy it all you who are going to get it on the 21st! :-D
  • Um, this article comes a bit late, no? I ordered at 4am EST and all versions showed "ships in 2 weeks" at that time already.
  • ordered mines @ 3:01am EST and got right in on the apple site, no crashes or nothing :D
  • Ordered mine at 2:15 central time, and have delivery bext Friday.
  • Got mine at 2:23 CST. Some reason computer would not load site but phone worked just fine the first time I tried it. Getting it on the 21st.
  • I cannot buy one till December :(
  • I ordered at 4AM eastern time and they all (any model, any carrier) were on "2 weeks" on Apple.com.
  • I set my alarm for 3am EST and I am glad that I did! I tried many times via the Apple store site and through the AT&T upgrade site to no avail; the Apple Store App on my iPhone went through after only a few tries. Thankfully I am still on schedule to be delivered on the 21st!
  • October 3rd delivery. I order around 3 am central time and had the 2 weeks on Apple.com as well.
  • verizon is telling me ill get it on the 26th.. What the hell? So enraged! I would have just gone down to the verizon store had i known!
  • You can still go. And if you end up with one just cancel the online order.
  • I started tring to access the AT&T business account portal since 3:50 est and still have been unable to successfully place an order. It's 11:14 am est. I have tried on 4 different computers and my iPad to complete the order and also waited for 1:47 minutes on line with AT&T for them to say they were a miseable failure and once again completely unprepared to handle an iPhone launch. When will I ever learn. On the other hand since my sons phone is not a business account and does not get "premier" service I wasable to place the order for his phone on the iPad with the AppStore app in less than 90seconds start to finish.
  • At&t was a failure this morning, I tried for a good 30 mins just sign into my account and couldn't do that. So finally said forget it and went to apple.com. Then they sent there available to pre-order email at 5:30...meh. Someone how my brother got one from At&t for delivery Friday.
  • The Apple Store came back online at around 3:40am ET and I got a 32GB Black model scheduled to arrive on 9/12. However a friend, didn't get his order placed until 4am ET and he's having to wait two weeks. So for at least some models, they were gone in 20 minutes or less.
  • Ugh. woke up late and completed my Order at 348am est. when I signed in it said delivery on Sept 21. Then I got my confirmation and it said two weeks. that's bull when I completed the my order it was for next week.
  • same happened to me :( so mad didnt think i would fall asleep... fkkkkkkkk oh well
  • I'm not sure if the title here was a lil misleading; perhaps pre-orders direct from Apple are sold out. I just ordered from www.att.com/iphone 5 minutes ago and received delivery confirmation for 9/21/12, with free shipping.
  • Honestly, though, knowing AT&T's systems they just hadn't updated the delivery date. I hope you really get it on the 21st but I wouldn't hold my breath. Good luck! :)
  • 3:26a est I was in my iPhone 4S and my Mac trying to order mine and see which one would go through and was surprise that my iPhone 4S got through and it's going to be deliver on the 9/21.. Thankgod for apple store app
  • I ordered on the Sprint website at 9am est and they said 9/21 delivery. I haven't receieved a confirmation email yet though, so fingers crossed!
  • I ordered mine at 5:25am Eastern and the confirmation at that time indicated within 2 weeks. Now there are so many of us iPhone nerds checking order status that the Apple site is returning an error message. As if checking a few times today will speed up delivery!
  • I know lol, I tried to check my order status and the apple site keeps giving me a error message.
  • Yup, just ordered the wife one, says two weeks, no biggie.
  • Verizon online was great for me. I ordered mine at 2:50 am eastern time. Which was weird because the site said 3:01am. Anyway the phone is estimated to deliver by the 21st! Hopefully something doesn't go wrong. Knowing my luck it probably will.
  • hahahahahaha good one... enjoy ur i5 on friday or maybe even Thursday if it happens like last year where some got delivered a freaking day earlier
  • So last night I waited until like 3am (East Cost time) and the apple site was lagging hardcore. So after 30 mins I gave up and went to bed. Got up early this morning 9:45am and pre ordered from apple.com. I got an email saying "order being processed" so I guess I am going to have to wait 2 weeks then huh. Or I am suppose to get another confirmation email with an estimated date for shipment?
  • Same boat, but I ordered mine before 4 AM EST. Still waiting on that confirmation, although processing has begun.
  • I ordered from Verizon directly at about 10am and I will have mine by the 21st per Vz. I was expecting a wait, but don't have to.
  • walked in Radio Shack at !0am EST preordered and picking up on the morning of the 21st!
  • Damm, I should have pre ordered from At&t's site or something apple is talking two weeks this is crazy and my order has yet to process!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mine is still pending from AT&T
  • Verizon came on a few minutes early! I got mine ordered and processed at 206 am central.
  • I ordered mine by 12:30AM last night. Easiest iPhone order yet, which shocked me since it's also going to be Apple's biggest seller ever. Clearly, Apple beefed up their servers big time. Again, I'm amazed. Pleased and amazed.
  • website wouldn't load until 3:30ish EST last night but got my order done by 3:37! It says delivery on 9/21 but my order is still processing. Does that mean it might change to 2 weeks?
  • You should be okay. If its being processed right now, you should get it by next Friday. Lucky you!!!!!!!!!
  • Ordered mine on the Sprint website after it came back at 1:30am PDT. I like how they say "we'll do our best to get a new iPhone in your hands by Friday, Sept. 21." They better. Shipping was $20!
  • Stayed up late and ordered Black 16GB AT&T last night at 11:58 PM PDT with the iPhone app. I was so surprised it only took one try and less then 5 minutes. At 12:03 AM, got a confirmation e-mail for delivery on 9/21. Can't wait...
  • Got this in an email from AT&T. Completed the order for 2 phones around 7:30am, eastern. "Your iPhone has been reserved and should arrive as soon as Sept 21, 2012." It's no promise, but promising.
  • I have a question. I have a 16 GB White/ Silver IPhone 5 pre ordered and it's still being processed but they are saying it will take 2 weeks. I was wondering if I could edit my order to an in store pick up for the 21st. When the Iphone 4 launched my apple store had at least 70 extra phones for people that did not have pre orders and were just standing in line (that's how I got mine). I don't see why I couldn't edit it for an in store pick this time, since I am sure they are gonna have a few extras.
  • You can definitely try but personally I wouldn't take the risk. Messing with your order at this point could only cause problems and potentially leave you empty handed.
  • I pre ordered my iPhone 5 last night at about 2:00am central standard time, so right when the pre orders opened. I was told that I would have it delivered on Sept. 21st. Now I am seeing news of the delivery date being pushed back. Will my phone be delivered the 21st because I was in the first batch of orders before the phone was sold out? Or can I expect it at later time?
  • Click on your order number (in the email). I'm confident you're all set and can look forward to i5 on Friday (or even Thursday!)
  • I am glad I decided to wait and play the field. Translation: I tried to order last (night) but couldn't get connected to the Apple or Verizon websites to order before falling back to sleep.
  • still can't decide if i even want to get one. selling off my 4S is gonna be a pain
  • Order mine at best buy store
  • ordered mine 3:10am ET and delivery for 21st :)
  • I woke up at about 6:30 and I got my order confirmed at about 6:45 and it is garenteed shipping for the 21st
  • When I logged in around 8:00 AM mountain time AT&T was showing delivery on the 21st, but I had to sort out my second line upgrade for my wife and backed out of the process. When I logged back in to complete the process at around 10:00 AM it said 2 - 3 weeks estimated:( I guess I'll try either Apple or AT&T store on the 21st. What time (and date) do you think people are camping out this year?
  • I ordered mine at 3:25 am and It says shipment is two weeks. IM SO UPSET BECAUSE I STAYED UP since twelve but I was able to buy my iphone at 3:20 am ish and NOW i have to wait two extra weeks... IS IT possible that they will deliver on the 21st? Since I really REALLY want my iphone 5 fast, should I cancel my online order and wait in line on the 21st?
  • I was able to put the order right at 2:00 am cdt !! Yeayyy!!
    Funny thing is that they started taking orders at least 2mins before 12 am pacific time. On the apple store