iPhone 5 rendered in 3D based on leaked parts

We've seen a lot of supposed hardware of the iPhone 5 and plenty of hints as to what we'll see in iOS 6, so some designers have mashed it all together in AutoCAD and created models what they expect the final product will look like. Blackpool Creative has released a big zip file full of still images of their renderings and put together a short video which you can see below. There are a few minor inconsistencies that the designer admits to, such as not knowing what color the volume buttons will be, the size of the SIM slot, and accidental mic placement on the top bezel, but on the whole, this is looking pretty solid. The designer that cooked up these mock-ups had some interesting (if subtle) observations about what we've seen so far.

  • The mute switch and volume buttons all appear lower on the left side of the phone than previous models.
  • The back side of the phone looks to be flush with the aluminum bezel. The iPhone 4/4S has back panels (and front panels) that are extruded somewhat from the bezel. This change is probably because of the aluminum unibody design, which made it simpler to go from the side, to chamfer, to back. The front panel still appears extruded, but perhaps slightly less than older models. This should all equate to a thinner overall phone.
  • The camera and flash (and new back mic hole?) appear to be higher on the phone, closer to the top than to the side, ostensibly to provide room for the unibody design of the back panel. Prior models had the camera positioned equidistant from the edges.
  • The speaker and mic grills on the bottom of the phone have changed to be a perforated circle pattern, bringing the iPhone into the same design family as the iPad with its similar speaker.
  • In fact, all of these unibody details and changes unify the iPhone and the iPad into the same design language. Maybe the next black iPad will have a black anodized aluminum unibody back panel? It’s interesting to note that even the bezel on the leaks appears to be dark gray/black, only on the black model. The white model keeps the bezel the standard silver color.

Of course, this is all pre-release and based on speculation, so there's no telling how much of this will actually pan out, but it's hard to ignore the consistency at which these parts are surfacing. Assuming the 4-inch iPhone is here to stay, what do you think of the new look? Do these spic-and-span renderings improve your opinion of the size, or are you going to have to hold one in your hand before passing judgement?

Source: Blackpool Creative

Simon Sage

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  • SOLD!
  • I would definetly like a more rounded shape. Like a bigger smoother 3GS with all the latest hardware.
  • Maybe a gs3...big and rounded with all the latest hardware
  • No thank you ive never like android an most likely never will. If apple cant get it right thens it back to my beloved Blackberry.
  • +1. And if this design hold true, I'm gonna have to go with the black color, I'm gonna put it in a case right away any way so the back design won't be a deal breaker for me.
  • I'm sure the CEO of RIM will deliver it personally.
    Not like he has anything else to do.
  • haha..exactly!!
  • +1 for me. I prefer the 3gs's curvy shape. Oh, and please make sure it's lighter than my 3gs.
  • yes. but I like having a small screen
  • I feel like if the leaks and rumors were true, Apple would have done something about it, the same way they did when Gizmodo showed the prototype iPhone 4. Even though I do like the design, it took me a while to appreciate it. I was hoping for a curved back like the pre-iPhone 4 models. It feels better in the hand to me.
  • They did nothing about the iPad 3 leaks
  • The Gizmodo leak was completely different. The leak was of an actual prototype phone that Apple was in the final stages of testing. The current leak are of the back case (and a possible front to match it). This doesn't mean that it's Apple's final product or that it is anything more than one of many different possibilities that are going to be tested before it's release. If anything, Apple going after this rumor and trying to shut it down would only lead to even more hype as well as potential proof that this is what Apple intends to release.
    Part of me believes that Apple might leak out these products from time to time as a sort of testing to determine the public's opinion. It's almost like a worldwide focus group of sorts. Just my opinion...
  • It's not bad, but the top and bottom bezels should be smaller so the overall look is more balanced. Although maybe they're just trying to make it look bigger so it doesn't look quite as small next to the Android flagships.
  • I'll admit to being disappointed if this is the actual design of the phone. A larger screen is nice but not just a longer one.
  • I 100% agree with this comment. I was hoping they would extend the corners which would extend both the hight and width just like they do for HDTVs instead of extending just the hight of it.
  • I would like more curves on the back but over all it looks nice. The bigger screen is the biggest selling point to me! It kinda reminds me of the original Samsung Instinct lol.
  • i really hope that this back case turns to be a fake.
    big part of iphone success relies on its elegant looks and smart design.
    the back plate/chassis surfaced last weeks was not made by the same people.
    the new piece of metal is so uninspiring and has nothing in it to make the next iphone as successful.
    just my 2c
  • Very 2010. It's time for a redesign.
  • Exactly. I thought the 5 was going to be a complete redesign. Apple seems to be falling into the Palm/RIM trap. Basically the same hardware year after year, same old OS with only minor tweeks. Time for something major Apple.
  • That design is hot.
  • Like a steaming turd
  • Wasn't a fan of all the leaked photos but after seeing this with it all put together, it's growing on me.
  • The problem is Droid is cranking out every possible design of a smartphone every other month which narrows where Apple can take the iPhone. I still think Apple will find a way to keep the iPhone unique, sleek and high-end... but it'll be much harder to do so.
  • look like the iphone4 ....
  • My only problem with this is that it has a home button..
  • Interesting that the proximity sensor is either gone or has become invisible somehow. If the front panels we've seen are real, then maybe Apple is now using the front-facing camera as a proximity sensor. Hmmmm....
  • Maybe you chat see it unless Loads of light is shone directly at it
  • You mean like the Samsunng phones that already use that feature. It seems as if Apple is just catching up to the competition everytime they update our phones. Bought the 4s thinking I had the latest greatest. Boy was I wrong. Competition has always spurred innovation. So come on Apple, make me want to buy the next generation because it is truly ground breaking new tech and not just because I like Apple. Oh, to all the people who say a bigger screen is the wrong direction. If we had the bigger screens first or more choices of screens we'd be the one's saying bigger is better. We have no other choices. I wish Apple made multiple models to choose from. Just my 2 cent rant!
  • Oh, and I really like that gray matte finish. It had better be more than just your typical 2-15 nm thick anodized coating though. I think metal showing through is cool, and "adds character" but that's just me. Everyone else would complain.
  • i was expecting a bit more hardware change. if Android release the GS3 before iphone 5. Then Apple will now looks like a copycat. sorry no disrespect..
  • seriously... That's it. Well if it is it then Apple better step up with serious software canges. That design sucks.
  • I would like to see the front glass fit flush inside the aluminum bezel, for better protection.
  • The two-toned back looks retarded.
  • looks very fragile, and expensive, will need a super armor, to protect it..
  • Should be less fragile then the iPhone 4/4s given the fact that there is less glass plus it has more of a uniboby style now the back and sides or one part now meaning that the screen makes up the 2nd part. The 4/4s is made up of the screen the sides (antenna band) and the back. According to the leaked video that is. So take everything I just said with a grain of salt. :)
  • Please do a rendering of the software no need to re wrap the same old software. If it does not change I may look else where.n
  • I feel the same way I did about the iPhone 4 when it was first leaked by Gizmodo. I want to believe that this is the next iPhone, but at the same time I want to touch and feel it and then maybe I'll like it more. I remember when the iPhone 4 was first leaked and everyone said "there's no way Apple would make an all glass phone" and that it wasn't Apple's style. Well, Apple's style is changing (for the better I'm sure) and they typically do so in a radical way (think the original iPhone vs. everything else that was out at the time). I believe that Apple will be able to surprise us with next iPhone (I don't believe it'll be called the iPhone 5 as it's the 6th version of the phone) but only time will tell. Can't wait until iOS 6 on Monday!
  • I'm right on board with you Alex. I'll probably like it a lot better once I get to hold it. I thought the 4 was rediculous to be made of glass all around, but the way it's sold shows that Apple was right. I also agree that calling it the iPhone 5 makes no sense.
  • The 4S is my first iphone and i got everything that was important. So change for change sake isn't important to me.
    The only two things i wanted that i didn't get were a 4 inch screen and LTE and i was going to sprint anyways so LTE wasn't currently important. So though i'll be surprised if they don't change the design i don't care in the slightest about change for the sake of change or change for the sake of appeasing those who live and die by their iphone.
    all that being said i would not be surprised if the new iphone looked similar to a shrunken ipad with the curved back. But i thought the 4s would have that design as well and i was wrong then lol.
    side note: i'm so satisfied with my 4s that regardless of what's announced i doubt i'll upgrade. Especially since i any upgrade would NOT be free for me.
  • I'll be keeping my iPhone 4. It still works great, and will look like the "iphone 5" if this crap is what will be released except still no siri and a bigger screen and internals--big whoop. I hate the 4 form anyway so to get a longer screen is just as dumb as having an iphone 4 design to it too. Please, Good Lord, let this not be final. I'll keep my 3G grandfathered network as well and not deal with tiered Verizon crapola. There will be a redesign. Redesign. Redesign. Please oh please. I do like the speaker system, hopefully it will be dual since that's what I would like. Other than that, same design as the 4. The guts will be the main thing, but for me looks do matter too. ;-) Those who say they think it's gorgeous (as I have read elsewhere) ummm how? I mean really how? LoL. I just don't see how it could be since by now this design is overplayed. I like the 3GS and older form. Def fits in hand better.
  • Whatever. I will be putting some kind of rubberized case on it anyway, so its more comfy and solid in the hand.
  • If this render ends up being accurate, I'll be a bit disappointed. It's identical to a 4S except from the back (plus a bit of length). The 4S is a beautiful piece of engineering but it needs some real innovation now rather than tiny design tweaks.
    How about a borderless screen, some use of the back panel for new features, some repositioning of the ear piece so it isn't embedded in the glass. I just think it isn't moving on quick enough and is going to be overtaken by something revolutionary soon.
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  • Wow... um.. thats the 4s right? oh wait, it just LOOKS like the 4s.. i get it..
  • It's still got the you tube app.
  • I think that Apple is trying to keep everyone slowed and thinking it's the same old design, and then BOOM! They're gonna come out with a huge advancementness of awesomeness. I have a jailbroken 3GS and I love it, but I'll probably upgrade to the 5 just cuz I'm REALLY wanting a Siri without having a slow Spire server. o.O