iPhone 5 renders [Speculation]

MacRumors commissioned CiccareseDesign to make some renders of what the iPhone 5 just might look like based on the case leaks we saw earlier this month. And... I like it. It gets rid of the glass back of which I was never a fan, and adds back in some thin new -- and yes, sexy -- curves.

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The designs show manufacturers what areas need to be open or exposed for cases, but reveal little else. In the past, this has caused some misunderstandings about future features. iPad 2 cases seemed to suggest an extra port at the top of the device, but that turned out to be a space for a microphone hole. Similarly, there are a few areas on the iPhone 5 case designs that are open to interpretation.

As MacRumors says, basing a render on a case design is tough. Are the screen and home button bigger or is more finger room simply being left around the edges for new gestures? I know what I'm wishing for, how about you?

Check out the rest of the renders via the link below.