iPhone 5 Retina wallpapers

Looking for some hot Retina wallpapers to jazz up your brand new iPhone 5? Of course you are! And of course the iMore Forums have you covered! We've been stockpiling Retina wallpapers since the new iPad launched, and any and all of them would look fantastic on your new iPhone 5! All you have to do is sign into the iMore Forum, pick the wallpaper you like, touch and hold on it and then save it to your Camera Roll, then crop, scale, and rotate it to perfection and it's yours!

We've got the Avengers, Batman, Tron, and more! Here are some of my favorite iPhone 5 wallpapers:

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  • Hopefully i dont get in trouble for this... but this is the site i use http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/downloads/date/apple/iphone_5/
  • Looks like that's where Cult of Mac got theirs.... http://www.cultofmac.com/192313/heres-15-spectacular-wallpapers-for-your...
  • I hope I'm allowed to post this but some other websites
    http://iphoneloot.net (mine)
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