iPhone 5 set to abandon glass back in favor of aluminum?

According to a translated Chinese source (I know, a little sketchy to say the least) the iPhone 5 will revert to an aluminum back panel, in place of the latest generation's entire glass affair. The picture above is a concept however we would expect Apple to also provide a flash for the camera!

The source claims that Apple will dump the glass panel due to problems with scratching, breaking and the weight of the panel. The iPhone 5 is claimed to more resemble the latest iPod touch design. The original iPhone also had an aluminum rear panel and many still believe this model had the best build quality.

The antennae will also face a redesign according to the same source; the new placement will be on the rear of the phone via a resin made Apple logo. The side exposed antennas will be abandoned. This is not much of a surprise after all the bad press Apple received over the death grip/touch.

What do you think? Would you prefer an aluminum back panel? Do you like the iPhone 4 glass back panel? Let us know in the comments!



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