iPhone 5s camera has f/2.2 aperture, 1.5 micron pixel size

iPhone owners love their camera, and the iPhone 5s is getting a pretty decent bump in that regards. The camera on Apple's latest iPhone will have an all-new five-element Apple designed lens, with an aperture of f/2.2. On the pixel front, Apple isn't going to be packing in more pixels:

Bigger pixels make a better picture

The pixels on the iPhone 5s will be 1.5 microns, so while not quite on par with the 2.0 micron pixels on something like the HTC One, it's still an impressive improvement.

The software has also been designed to take full advantage of the camera on the iPhone 5s. The camera app will set the white balance and exposure, and creates a "dynamic local tone map" and "autofocus matrix metering" with 15 zones automatically. When you take a photo, the camera actually takes multiple shots and will pick the best one.

The camera itself comes with a new dual-LED flash, one which is cool and white and the other is warm and amber. The iPhone 5s will combine the two to try and get the best color balance from the flash. Pretty impressive.

We don't get OIS on the iPhone 5s, but we do get auto image stabilization, which takes multiple photos, combines them, and picks the sharpest image overall. Also included is a new burst mode that will take 10 frames per second.

Video recording also got a nod, with 120FPS 720p quality slo-mo video recording new to the iPhone 5s.

One things for sure, we're looking forward to taking this out for a spin. How about you guys? Liking what you see?

Richard Devine

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