iPhone 5s continues reign as world's best-selling smartphone, Galaxy S5 who?

The iPhone 5s has been on the market for nearly 9 months, and in that time it has reigned as the best selling smartphone around the world. For nine months straight, in any given quarter, no phone has sold more units than the iPhone. Or so says Counterpoint Technology Research Firm. That's especially impressive when you consider that in our modern technology world, the iPhone 5s is now "old" and our attention has turned to the hotly-anticipated iPhone 6. And considering how many challengers have come along and threatened to dethrone the aging 5s, most notably the Samsung Galaxy S5, it's even more impressive.

That Samsung Galaxy S5 did come in second, though. And Samsung also snapped up the #3 and #4 positions with the Galaxy S4 and Note 3. The next two slots were occupied by the iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s. When you look at the top ten smartphones for the last quarter, globally Apple and Samsung account for all but two.

It's safe to say that in three months (or so) the #1 slot dominance of the iPhone 5s will come to an end. Of course, that's because it will be replaced by the iPhone 6, which leads to our question: what does the iPhone 6 need to grab and secure the top-selling smartphone slot for another year?

Source: Counterpoint Technology Research Firm; Via: Business Insider

Derek Kessler

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