iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus review: 3 months later

Three months ago we published our iPhone 6 review and iPhone 6 Plus review, diving deep into Apple's big and bigger new phones. We took our time and tested everything from the new screens to the new cameras to the new chipsets. But now we've lived with these phones for weeks at a time and we've gotten to know them better than any preliminary review would allow. So, just like with iOS 8 earlier this week, we're taking another look. We're going to tell you how both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are working for us now, three months later!

Design and durability

Ren: Okay, I'll say it! The iPhone 6 is a wee bit too big for me. I drop it on my face when I'm lying down, and one-handed typing is a pain. That said, I'm never going back to a 4-inch iPhone. The extra screen real estate is just too good to give up. I love the curved fit and finish — though I've had to get a case because it's a tad too slippery for my clumsy hands. I am a little bummed at how easily the front screen scratches — I've had to consciously put my keys separately from my iPhone for the first time since owning one. But from a big picture standpoint, it seems like a silly thing to get mad about. ("Oh no! My fragile glass-covered device is fragile!") It's overall one of the best phones I've owned: Big enough to do any important task, small enough to still fit in my pocket.

(6 Plus users, I respect you guys, but you're crazy. Too big for me.)

Peter: After using both for a while, I've settled on the iPhone 6 as my daily driver. I'm used to being able to do most of what I need to on my phone with one hand, and the smaller size of the iPhone 6 enables me to do that — the iPhone 6 Plus is simply too big to comfortably do a lot of one-handed thumb typing and the other stuff I've taken for granted with smaller iPhones. Having said that, I think Apple's done a tremendous job with its design of the iPhone 6 Plus. Compared to many phones of similar size, the iPhone 6 Plus feels really good in your hands, its weight is well balanced and the design and shape makes it feel more comfortable.

Ally: I pre-ordered both an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Due to constraint and initial demand, I received my iPhone 6 first. The iPhone 6 Plus finally arrived a few weeks later. When I first unboxed it my gut instinct was that it was way too big and I'd never use it as a daily driver. For the first month or so, that was the case. Strangely I've been using the iPhone 6 Plus more and more often over the past few weeks and am starting to prefer it. I can attribute most of this to the battery life. After using both, there's no denying the iPhone 6 Plus puts the iPhone 6 to shame. However, it still irritates me that I can't fit it in my jeans pocket easily. Sometimes that still keeps me from carrying it around if my wardrobe doesn't allow. That alone makes me think if I could only have one, I'd still go for the iPhone 6. But then, two words come to mind: battery life.

Rene: I know some people complain that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are rounder and smoother and hence harder to hold onto, but I haven't found that to be a problem at all. I love the smoothness. It's like a riverstone and I just keep flipping it in my hand. Over and over again.

I've had my iPhone 6 Plus in the front pocket of my straight-cut jeans, without a case, for going on 3 months and it shows not a single sign of wear and tear. (I did scratch it slightly — ironically on the camera of an iPhone 6!) The gold still looks great, there are no chips on the casing, and no, there's not a single bend in sight.

Kevin: I bought 128GB versions of both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at launch, switching back and forth a week at a time between the two until I could decide which one I truly preferred. While in the hand the iPhone 6 still retains that familiar iPhone feeling I've known since the original in 2007, the 6 Plus feels alien as far as iPhones go. It's too big to comfortably use with one hand. That said, I adapted and ultimately I settled on the 6 Plus. Compared to the iPhone 6, the larger screen is big enough for me to type on comfortably with two thumbs at fast speeds, which as a power communicator I appreciate a lot.

Retina HD Display

Peter: The Retina HD screens on both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the best-looking iPhone screens Apple's installed to date. They're higher-contrast to produce more vibrant images. I use my phones outside a lot, and I almost always wear polarized sunglasses. In the past that's caused problems because of the polarization on the iPhone's screen. But they've improved the polarization on these phones to help reduce that issue.

Ally: The iPhone 6 Plus in particular has an amazing display and one of the best ones I've ever used. The iPhone 6 isn't far behind but due to the pixel count and sheer size, the iPhone 6 Plus is just more noticeable of a difference. Photos and text are more crisp than ever, even through polarized sunglasses, which I wear consistently. My favorite part of both displays however is the curved glass along the edges. It just makes gestures that much more amazing.

Ren: I agree with Ally: The ever-so-slight curvature of the display edges make this phone a joy to swipe and touch. And the display itself is gorgeous — I guess by this point it should surprise no one, but I'm happy to see improvements regardless.

Rene: When I first reviewed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus I was impressed by the technology in the display. The dual-domain pixels, the photo alignment, the polarization, the full sRGB gamut, and the thinness that made the pixels look almost as if they were shooting up through the glass. Now I'm just impressed by the display. The blacks are black, the colors are rich and vibrant, and the viewing angles are outstanding. More like this, please.

Kevin: I really enjoy the screen real estate the 6 Plus offers, and I've found it has me doing more than I would otherwise on a smaller screened iPhone, such as shopping. Historically I might browse shopping websites on my phone, but run back to the computer when I actually wanted to complete a purchase and buy something. With the larger screen on the 6 Plus, somehow I feel like that barrier is gone. I did a good chunk of my Christmas shopping on my iPhone this year.

Battery life and performance

Peter: If there's one thing that makes the iPhone 6 Plus stand out more than anything, it's the absolutely humongous battery life. I can sometimes go for two days or longer without having to charge the iPhone 6 Plus, something I couldn't even dream of with any other iPhone.

Ally: Every time I pick up my iPhone 6 for the day, I'm longing for the iPhone 6 Plus' battery life after only a few short hours. Sure, it's improved over the iPhone 5s but after using the iPhone 6 Plus, it leaves a lot of room to argue that larger phones are worth the tradeoff in terms of battery life. At least at this point they are for me.

Rene: As much as I love the big, bright display on the iPhone 6 Plus, it's the battery life that keeps me coming back. I get 1.5 to 2 days typically, and that's under normal use. At events, where I typically have to walk around the battery packs strapped Rocketeer-like to my back, I can get away with almost a full day without charging.

And the Apple A8 system-on-a-chip? I haven't come close to taxing that monster. But I really, really want to.

Ren: Battery life is the only area in which I pine for an iPhone 6 Plus. My iPhone 6's battery life is acceptable — and in my tests, slightly better than my 5s — but nowhere near what I see my 6 Plus friends getting. And lacking a good battery case for the 6, I'm dreading my first big all-day excursion (CES, I'm looking at you). It's the area where the 6 Plus is clearly king.

Kevin: The battery life on the iPhone 6 Plus is stellar. Traveling is the true test, and I've traveled a lot with my 6 Plus in the time that I've had it. When you're roaming and off Wi-Fi, battery life gets eaten up quick, and while traveling I find myself using my phone a lot more than when I'm back at home or at the office. I have yet to not get through the day with my 6 Plus battery, and most days there is a lot of juice left in the proverbial tank.

iSight and FaceTime cameras

Ren: I'm glad the front-facing camera got some love with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and its low-light sensor is definitely better than any of its predecessors. But it's still not quite what I'd like to see from a front-facing camera. If we're going to take selfies and chat with relatives, let's at least bump up the sensor to the point where front-facing pictures aren't so grainy.

The back camera is a different story entirely: Its improvements are, honestly, a bit staggering. I thought my 5s camera was excellent; the 6 and 6 Plus build upon that in a wonderful way to offer better low-light signal, steadier pictures and video, and clearer images all-around. I've been using my iPhone 6 constantly since launch to take photographs and video, and I'm routinely stunned by the quality of the media coming from my device.

Peter: The iPhone 6 is the first iPhone I've had that doesn't feel like it's fighting me to take a good picture. Especially at concerts and other low light conditions, I've snapped some great shots I never could have managed with my 5S or previous iPhones.

Ally: Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have great cameras in them, but so did their predecessor, the iPhone 5s. That being said, there are obvious improvements in the sensor itself and the OIS in the iPhone 6 Plus produces brighter night time photos with less noise. However, the front facing camera doesn't fare as well in low light and I'd still like to see some improvements in that area next year.

Rene: Because Apple designs their own chips, they can design their own image signal processor (ISP). And thanks to the ISP, I can pull my iPhone 6 Plus from my pocket, snap a picture, and 9 times out of 10, get something automatically focused, balanced, and exposed pretty much perfectly. It remains Apple's biggest strength, and the reason they still own the "everyday" photography market. Add the manual camera controls from iOS 8, and a good thing really got better this year.

Kevin: The iSight camera is awesome. It's fast. Photos are top notch. I only wish the front facing camera handled low light conditions better - the night time selfies are still grainier than I'd like (Pro Tip: Buy FaceTune for $4 if you're a selfie addict. It 30 seconds of editing you can make yourself look amazing!).

Apple Pay

Peter: Apple Pay is picking up steam — Apple keeps signing up new banks and retailers to accept it. But will the momentum continue and how does the competition muddy the waters? It isn't yet accepted at most of the retailers I do business with. Once Apple Pay gets ubiquitous enough, it'll be fantastic. Until then, it's a novelty.

Ally: The only places in my area that accept Apple Pay right now are Meijer, Walgreens, and Panera. However, I have lots of cards in Passbook that support payments too via bar code, such as my Starbucks card. This covers about 80% of where I visit on a daily basis. Now if only I could have a digital license. Then I wouldn't have to worry about carrying my wallet most of the time.

Ren: Boston is actually pretty inundated with retailers who accept (unofficially or officially) Apple Pay, and I've really enjoyed attempting to wave my phone at any and all retailers that have wireless tap-to-pay machines. At the official Apple Pay merchants, it works like a charm — practically like magic. Unofficial merchants are a bit hit and miss: CVS worked on the first day of Apple Pay's launch, but has since shut down; others sometimes work, sometimes don't. I'd like to see those wafflers solidify, but it's a really promising start in an otherwise deeply entrenched field.

Rene: Hurry up and launch in Canada already!


Peter: Under the hood of both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is the A8 processor, which runs all software better, including games. Paired with the new Metal technology introduced in iOS 8, it's a much better gaming experience. Take a look at games like Vainglory (opens in new tab), Asphalt 8 Airborne (opens in new tab), or Modern Combat 5: Blackout (opens in new tab) to get a sense of just how awesome a mobile game can look on an iPhone.

Ren: I got the 64GB version of the iPhone 6 and oh boy, is it glorious. The extra storage space, combined with iOS 8's new features and the A8 chip, allows me to pick up just about any app under the sun to try it out. That's especially important in this profession — I get about 30-40 app pitches a day — and I absolutely love what developers are coming up with.

Ally: I remember when the iPhone 5 came out and I instantly felt Hulk rage the minute I launched an app and saw black bars along the top and the bottom. I haven't felt that way with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Scaling is usable but I still opt for optimized apps when I can. I also love how some apps have chosen to take advantage of the iPhone 6 Plus' landscape orientation and offer something special. I just hope we see more of this as time goes on. However, I'm not really a fan of the iPhone 6 Plus' keyboard in landscape mode. The arrow keys throw me off. Perhaps in time I'll grow used to them.

Rene: With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus come two new display sizes for apps to target. Apple's built-in apps really take advantage of them, especially on the iPhone 6 Plus, and especially in landscape mode where we now get an iPad-style split column view. Would that more apps took advantage of it. Would that apps like Paper by 53 target the iPhone 6 Plus as well.

The apps are as good as they've ever been, but the potential remains for them to be even better than ever.


Ren: Until Mophie gets its act together and releases a battery case for the iPhone 6, my main accessory of choice is either the Apple leather case or a Casetify designed case. The leather case looks professional and provides an extra bit of grip; the Casetify model is transparent, however, with a custom design, and I love that you can see the gold coat of my phone shining underneath.

Peter: I've been trying out a lot of different cases on my iPhone 6, and I like the feel of Apple's leather case the best. Though it doesn't wear well. It got scuffed almost instantly after I put it my pocket. Regardless of which case I'm using, though, it'll fit in my dock: I use Twelve South's HiRise Deluxe (opens in new tab), which can customize the height of the Lightning cable and the depth of the stand to accommodate different case sizes.

Ally: I rarely use a case on my iPhone to begin with. However, I have found that the Apple Leather cases add just enough coverage when and if I need it. I prefer the feel of them on the iPhone 6 Plus over the iPhone 6, yet I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps the surface area makes it less obvious I'm using a case, but it just feels slightly more bulky on the iPhone 6 than the 6 Plus. The only other accessory I use on a regular basis is the Everdock Duo (opens in new tab) by Fuz Designs. This dock uses air suction and does a great job of sitting on my desk and charging two devices simultaneously. If you have a case on, you can even remove the spacers in order to fit almost anything.

Kevin: In terms of the essential accessories, I tried a half dozen cases on my iPhone 6 Plus before I settled on the one - the Spigen Air Skin Case in Champagne. The 6 Plus is a slippery phone, so having a case on it helps with the finger traction. The only issue is, it's such a big phone you don't want to add any bulk. The Air Skin case is SUPER THIN - only .4mm. People don't even realize that there's a case on the phone when they ask to hold the 6 Plus. The Champagne color is semi-transparent as well, which works perfect retaining the gold look of a gold iPhone. The case is too thin to help protect much from drops, but it will keep scratches off your phone and it provides that extra grip.

When it comes to smart accessories, the iPhone 6 Plus is top notch. I've really embraced the connected lifestyle, and the iPhone just plays so well in that space. I have 8 Sonos speakers, 18 Philips Hue lightbulbs, a Nest thermostat, August doorlock, two Dropcams and more - and the 6 Plus simply runs flawless managing all of it.

The bottom line

Ren: The iPhone 6 has some flaws, to be sure — I'd love better battery life, a slightly more durable screen, and a wee bit less slip in the hand — but despite those, it remains my favorite iPhone I've ever owned. Touch ID and Apple Pay are a huge win, as is the rear camera and its processing software. I was skeptical about the 4.7-inch size, but it absolutely won me over, and I encourage anyone with a 5s to take the 6 for a test drive at an Apple Store — yes, it's a little bit big, but those tradeoffs are worth the value you're getting.

I can't speak to the 6 Plus, however, so I'll let my colleagues do the talking on that front.

Peter: The iPhone 6 Plus is too much phone for me. The iPhone 6 is in my Goldilocks zone: It's just the right size. If it just had the iPhone 6 Plus's battery life, it'd be almost perfect.

Ally: I'm still battling internally over whether or not I like the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus more. However, for most people, most of the time, the iPhone 6 is going to be the more sensible choice. But if you're in the bigger is better camp, you'll be amazed by the iPhone 6 Plus' wonderful design, amazing battery life, and blazingly fast performance.

Kevin: While it's not the most comfortable iPhone nor my favorite looking, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are undoubtedly the best iPhones ever made.

Rene: Three hours into using my iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 5 felt small and the iPhone 4 felt like a toy. What had been my window into internet and apps suddenly felt cramped and claustrophobic. Three months and I know I'm never going back. I like the iPhone 6 a lot. It feels like the perfect size for a modern mobile communications device. I like the iPhone 6 Plus a lot too. It feels like the perfect size for a modern mobile computing device. And thanks to iOS 8 improvements like Extensibility, they're not only more powerful than ever, but more capable. Three months later, and I'm happier with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus than ever.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Picking up a 3GS after using the 6 Plus since September is funny. The 6 Plus is almost as wide as the 3GS is tall. Sent from the iMore App
  • " I like the iPhone 6 a lot. It feels like the perfect size for a modern mobile communications device.
    I like the iPhone 6 a lot too. It feels like the perfect size for a modern mobile computing device."
    i think you missed a "plus"
    delete this comment after you corrected it :)
  • Thanks!
  • Not a single negative comment in these reviews gives it away that these are really just buttkissing\ advertisements and not real reviews.
  • Currently I'm rocking the Iphone 5s but in early 2015 the iphone 6 plus will be my daily driver.
  • I got my 6 128gb 2 months ago, and I like it ok. I really would rather have a 4" phone again with the 128 option. I think the 6 is too big, and gets in the way when I'm working out, or doing the other outdoor activities. I still use my iPad for everything, having a biger phone did not change that.
  • I don't have a problem working out with my 6 plus but before getting it I invested in a FlipBelt which is something that might help you out. I haven't really been using it since I have been wearing workout pants that have nice sized pockets on them but the FlipBelt really came in handy before the temp really dropped here in Philly and I was wearing shorts to the gym and it just always felt like my 6 plus was going to fall out of my pocket.
  • This is why I chose iPhone 6. Working out, running with a giant phone is pain in the ass.. Even 6 is not the best size but it's acceptable :)
  • I know what you mean, my iPhone 5 was perfect for running for the size and especially the weight! I got a new giant armband for my 6 Plus though so I can look like a fool, until the Apple Watch comes out and I can hide the 6 Plus somewhere else.
  • Thanks for the tip. I'll try the flipbelt.
  • Same here. I've got the iPhone 6 and I'm definitely going to get the smaller iPhone 7 if Apple offers it. It's just a lot easier to exercise with. Most 6+ users just don't exercise at all or they don't take their phone.
  • Coming from a huge Galaxy Note 3 I wanted a smaller device. The 4.7 inch screen is perfect though I do understand where your coming from in wanting your 4 inch design back. It's easier to use one handed and fits in any pocket. I think it's so popular that Apple will bring it back next year.
  • Hello,, I would like to ask you, did you notice any problems on your phone for example crashing down of apps, or iOS stability problem? Or slowly working of phone? I read some forums and news, that the 128Gb versions had this problems. Thanks, Tomas.
  • I have not had any of those problems. I herd there was some issues with the 6+ 128gb phones.
  • iPhone 5, Review, two years later, Still the best iPhone, Camera and size, as long as the size of my budget still like how it is now!! :) :) What if one of you guys who got 2 of them to send me the one which not in use to review it and add the comment here! :) :) :)
  • For a company that prides on itself as tightly integrating hardware and software resulting in a 'it just works' product I'm a bit disappointed. My experience is that the interaction between the two are not as tight and crisp as in past iterations. I experience more time when the software is locked up, more times when apps are not working as they should forcing me to reboot the device. In truth, my iPad Air 2 is working more flawlessly than the iPhone 6 is. I'm sensing, and hope I'm wrong, that Apple is simply growing too large and trying to accomplish too much. The details that Steve Jobs used to expect as a given are no longer being addressed. If he experienced what I have there would be one of his legendary meltdowns. Right now, it's not as bad as other devices I owned, but IMHO, Apple is slowly becoming less Apple-like and I'm uncomfortable with that reality.
  • Mind blowing photos used as usual. Is it really silly that I keep having them saved on my computer from iMore? :)
  • I am a bigger guy with big hands ever since the 4s I have not owned a computer cause I do everything on my iPhone. Had an iPad mini for 2 years and it was not portable enough and did not have passbook or health. The iPhone 6 plus gives me what I have wanted since I was 7, A fully functioning computer in my pocket! The size is perfect for the plus crowd; over 6 ft tall and heavier than 250. Long live the iPhone "X" plus! Sent from the iMore App
  • So Rene (or anybody), has the Plus been your daily? I've only had mine a week and I'm experiencing similar dilemmas to you guys... love the screen and battery life, still not sure if the size is practical. I have a 6 as well and just go back and forth... but need to settle and sell one!
  • Yup! Daily for 3 months. Sent from the iMore App
  • I have the 64gb iPhone 6 plus and I love it. It took maybe a week or two before it felt totally natural using such a large device after owning the iPhone 5 for two years but now the only time it feels odd is those times I'm trying to type with just one thumb which unfortunately for me was the only way I interacted with a smartphone since 2007 so yeah that has still taken some getting use to. I'm a average sized male that doesn't wear skinny jeans but wears a lot of dress pants and oddly enough I haven't had any issues pocketing this beast. The added screen real estate is nice and unlike one of the ladies who did a review I have no scratches on my screen that I can see and I have had my iPhone 6 plus for several months now without a screen protector and it has most certainly been in my pocket with keys and other crap more often than not. Apple Pay is nice but I have only used it a few times at a store but for me where it really shines is when using it on a app like Airbnb or Uber since its nothing more annoying than typing in all you're CC info and billing information on a smartphone which also takes a good amount of time. The camera on the 6 plus is good for photos but could be better in my opinion but where this thing shines is when making normal 1080p videos mostly because the stabilization is really awesome for a smartphone I mean its just buttery smooth, I took video while mountain biking and many people thought I was using a pro style camera. The battery life is just amazing compared to my iPhone 5, I use my phone a lot so I don't get 2 days of use out of a single charge but I do get well over 24hrs on a single charge which is perfect for me well unless I get stranded in the woods or something truly unforeseen happens. The bottom line for me is this is a great phone PERIOD but if you have years of apps and other content through iTunes and the App Store getting the 6 or 6 plus is a no brain er.
  • iPhone 6 owner for more than a month and I must say I LOVE this phone.. Especially coming from Android.. Battery life is very good 7hrs+ usage, camera is awesome.. Even front camera is times better than Note 4, I don't care about mpx and this BS.. I care about results.. Pretty much I love everything about this phone. Hope next year they will fit 5" in the same body, or 4,7 with slimmer bazels and this time no difference in screen and camera between the two models (if they release again 2 iPhones). For me there is not a single thing to complain.. I chose iPhone 6 because after using Note 2 and Note 3 I realized I am not into this huge phones, very uncomfortable especially for very active people.. :)
  • They won't make the smaller phone 1080p with the small batteries they use. Battery life would be pretty bad with a 4.7" 1080p since it's already not that good on the 6. Here's to hoping Apple trims the bezels, and raeally ups the battery in the 6s Sent from the iMore App
  • Love my 6 Plus/128GB! Found it big at first, but after about 2 weeks, no problem. The 5/5s size feels like a postage stamp now. Had a .4mm Spigen Air Skin case and it' s great, but the feel of the naked 6 Plus can't be beat! And the buttons just work better naked. Nevertheless, I just picked up the new Pad & Quill Luxury Book case for times I want protection and it's fantastic! Super high quality leather! Love being able to quickly switch being naked to getting full protection (ahhh....the iPhone with and without the case, that is) PLUS having my case function as my wallet! Even with the case, the whole package fits in the back pocket of my Levis.
  • I thought I would have a problem adjusting to the 6 plus size, but it was a very short adjustment period. I am still not as adept at one handed use as I was on my 5, but that comes into play rarely, and the big screen more than makes up for it durin the rest of my daily use. Though I don't see how you guys get so much battery life - I'm usually out by dinner time.
  • Ally: move to Iowa, ditch the wallet - http://mobile.nytimes.com/blogs/bits/2014/12/17/iowa-pursues-a-virtual-d... Sent from the iMore App
  • I was skeptical of the bigger sizes of the 6 and 6 plus because I loved the 4" iPhone 5 and 5s, but I'm finally getting used to the size of my iPhone 6. I was also turned off by the iPhone 6 and 6 plus design (at first), but now have come to love it. Maybe it is the Apple lover in me and ever need to have the latest and greatest, but once you get the iPhone 6 in your hand everything else is an afterthought. On top of that I've been extremely happy with the battery life. I'm really only charging my iPhone 6 once every two days and can easily get through a heavy day and still have 30% of so left at the end. It has been amazing and something I didn't expect from an already great battery life on all other Apple tech I've owned the past seven years. The display is absolutely amazing. I've yet to see a display that looks better in my humble opinion. Sure, there are plenty with better pixel density, but because Apple has refined their retina displays over the years they have really paid attention to the basics. They just seem better displays then anything else out. If you don't believe me pick up the new iPad Air 2 for a minute. You will be blown away and it really is half the pixel density of most high end android phones out now a days. Same with the iPhone 6. The laminated display, dual domain pixels, and black and white points (along with brightness) are unmatched in the mobile world. The A8 and A8X on my iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 are beasts. I'm a huge Apple processor nerd and love reading about how much faster and power efficient the Apple A series processors are over anything else on the market. It is one of the often most overlooked accomplishments that Apple continues to make year in and year out. The camera is also a huge improvement. Coming from someone that loves DSLR technology and never thought a phone would keep me from using the better DSLR I find more often than not I'm finally leaving the house with just my iPhone. Pair all of these with the better and more fluid iOS (although it has had its little bugs) and best Eco system and you have the best phone and tablet on the market at least in my opinion.
  • Went back from my iPhone 6 to my silver 5s, while I agree that 4.7 inches works fine and dandy I couldn't get over the design choices and then I'm referring to the antenna bands. I also noticed no real gains except in battery life, and even then I wasn't getting 2 hours extra out of the 6 compared to the 5s. For me the A7 and A8 do the same exact thing on an iPhone in terms of speed on iOS 8 and I am not gonna benchmark for the sake of seeing a difference.
    I do like the way the glass curves over the side and how the new screen looks but I just find my 5s to be equally fast and, for me, equally good at the kind of pictures I take. And I really REALLY love the way my silver 5s looks. I'm gonna ride this one out and see what Apple comes up with in September, I don't mind the camera lens sticking out but I really got an issue with the antenna bands, so I'm hoping they change it up even if it's gonna be a 6s and not the 7.
  • You do know the 5s has bands as well the different colors should give you a heads up on that Sent from the iMore App
  • Not sure what your comment is suppose to tell me, but I had the 5s already and decided to get the 6 and I'm just saying that I ( personally ) like their antenna approach more on the 5/5s than on the 6. For me it just looked out of place on the 6, while on the 5s I actually like the white bits on the back above and below the silver back, and yes I know those bits on a 5s on the back are for antenna signals.
  • Nice article on experiences with the new Apple hardware. And giving credit where it is due, I particularly like the style and manner of Rene's writing in this piece. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • That Apple Pay scared the heck outta me how simple it was to set up and use. I still remember the store clerks look when i paid with it. We were both dumbfounded like what do we do now? The only improvement now is to add automatic e receipts that are stored in PassBook. The first time I paid and I heard that ding I walked away only to come back to the register to hit credit and sign then a receipt printed. So we're not quite out the dark ages yet....
  • Never had big phone envy. The 6 plus is too big...growing fonder of the 6 each day. Afraid to use it one-handed while I'm walking and I make frequent use of reachability. Coming from the 4S, the 6 battery is great... haven't needed to use my battery charger. The selfie cam is finally good enough to be useful. I got nothing but love for Apple Pay...wish more retailers accepted it.
  • Hmm, the iPhone 6 is a beast. The last thing that I worry about is battery life. I get 2 days standby and 10hours usage easily. I'm terrified of the scratching the screen and dropping it though. I've been using it since day one (September 19th). 8.0.1 was a horror story, the day that my screen started clicking was a nightmare. But I can honestly say I love this device. All of my android devices are taking naps now.
  • Count me as an iPhone 6 devotee. I've had every iteration since the 3GS and this is, by far, the BEST phone I have ever owned. I've had it in a Speck case recently, and after reading these reviews and comments, I've decided to go naked for a while. The tactile sensation of the phone..the curvature and the way your finger slides gently off the edge cannot be experienced fully with any kind of case. Worth the risk of dropping it without a case? For me, yes. I have averaged size hands and fingers, and for me, the iPhone 6 Plus was awkward when using the keyboard in either orientation. I felt like I was going to drop it...it felt unbalanced. I had been using the 6 for a while and had occasion to use my wife's 5S...wow! The screen seemed SO small and hard-to-read. I hope to be happy with the 6 for a long time...which in the Applesphere is two years.
  • I am still rocking Iphone 5s, next year I will get Iphone 6s plus 64gb. Sent from the iMore App
  • I love my iPhone 6 but my girlfriend's iPhone 6 Plus is starting to grow on me. Planning on getting Plus next time. For now, no complaints with the iPhone 6, it's perfect. Sent from the iMore App
  • Same here. Going to go with the plus next time around most likely Sent from the iMore App
  • I went with the 6 plus for the sole purpose of being able to read stuff without having to put on my reading glasses. That's all I was hoping for when I bought it so the very noticeable performance boost, Apple Pay, and extreme battery life were big bonuses I wasn't expecting. For the first time in my smartphone life, I am not anxiously awaiting next years new model as this one satisfys all my desires. That being said, I'm not in love with the new camera. I don't do much with the camera, never have, but with this new model, taking pictures of checks to be deposited through the B of A app has become a pain in the butt. The app upgrade has turned out to be a step backward for me. And, I couldn't snap a pic of a business card that wasn't blurry after 3 try's. So strange as I had no problem with all previous gen models, despite my shaky hand. So you have to take the good with the bad.
  • @Fritzdoss I really believe you have a subpar plus, and I believe apple will replace it. I am blown away by how perfect the focus is on every pic I take, including documents and business cards. It's one of my favorite features of the new phones and based on my experience, I've been describing the focusing as idiot proof. I HAVE heard of a couple of owners with experiences like yours who've gotten a replacement at the Apple Store Good luck with it.
  • Decided the 6 was too much bezel to deal with, so I went with the 5s. Hoping that next year Apple makes a smaller flagship again. If they must do 4.7, at least trim the bezels. Sent from the iMore App
  • When folks comment on how my iPhone 6 Plus is "too big"', I simply say, "battery lasts me two to three days", and they're like, "oh".
  • I finally picked up a 6 Plus for myself and a 6 for my wife, yesterday. I sold my 5s to my business partner after she dropped and destroyed her 5c. My wife is going to keep her 5s and retire her ageing 4. So far so good. The size felt a bit unwieldy at first, and it's definitely going to take some getting used too, but I think I'm going to enjoy it a lot. Sent from the iMore App
  • The better camera screen and battery on the 6 Plus makes it the clearly better phone. People saying the 6 battery is great probably have never used a flagship with great battery life before. Its barely better than the 5S. The 6 Plus can go toe to toe with Note 4 and Macs devices for screen on time battery life. It's a completely different universe. The camera OIS has noticeable benefits and the screen is sharper. Only real hang up is the size and in 2014 that's becomming very hard to complain about since half the phone's on the market are at that size. The screen size makes productivity, PIM, messaging, and media apps so much better to use. I just hate how you cannot share Ali no videos to Facebook at normal speeds and how sluggish iCloud Photos is at Synching and updating. It'd really quite a bad user experience from that standpoint. About to cancel my storage plan and move back to OneDrive. Its that terrible and there's no way to delete photos from Photo Stream on the phone with it on... I just don't k ow how Apple was dumb enough to let that clusterfluck if a Photos app to enter a release version of their OS. It's a usability nightmare.
  • Also. You can't upload video to iCloud Photos via the browser, which makes it impossible to easily move media from your PC to your iCloud Library. Only JPEGs. Just found that out today. I'm turning it off and canceling the subscription. It isn't even Beta quality at this point in time.
  • Yes,... "iCloud is here!". Hmm, no, no is not, This thing is half-baked. Give it another couple updates before is golden brown.
  • I love everything about my iPhone 6. Everything. But the moment I see someone with a 6+ I get a little envious and wonder if I I made the right decision. Everyone I know that thought the 6+ would be too big got used to it and look at my 6 as if it is a iPhone mini.
  • Funny for phones in its size the 6 plus is huge. I mean when pretty much the only phone bigger is a 6" nexus 6, you're doing something wrong. There's lots of bezels to shrink, even with the home button that is a trade mark of iPhones. Maybe with the iPhone 7, when they redesign it again Sent from the iMore App
  • I got the iPhone 6 Plus, and I at first I thought I made the "biggest" mistake ever. Now, weeks later, is such a non-issue, it actually feels weird to hold my old iPhone 5s. No issues holding it or typing with it. Battery wise, it is almost too good to be true, with my record so far, with normal use (calls, app use and web surfing), standing at 29 hours(!) before it gave me the "5% left" alert. Drove from O.C. to Reno/Virginia City and back (using the iPhone 6 Plus' GPS, I<3Radio, and taking photos), and I still had 31% battery remaining when I got back (not plugged to the car's USB port, simply because I left it behind by mistake). Pictures wise, there's way better articles that explains the quality of the iPhone 6 Plus camera. I never took my Canon Elph out of it's case, except for the only thing the iPhone 6 Plus camera can't do (Zoom). Don't buy any of those IOS "zoom" apps, by the way. Biggest waste of money ever. Now, no bendgate for me, but I really pity anybody who doesn't buy a protective case for ANY phone from ANY maker, specially high end models. Your phone's funeral if you are a high end phone user, specially if you are d*mb enough to sit on it in your back pocket while driving or working at your desk.
  • I have an iPhone 6 but I'm definitely getting a smaller iPhone 7 if Apple offers a 4-4.5" size. For working out, it's a lot nicer as an MP3 replacement.
  • I have heard Apple will be making a "Mini iPhone 6," the same size as the iPhone 5 screen, but the same looks as the 6. I can't wait to see if thats true. Better yet, iPhone 7... I can't wait!
  • I have it its so cool Sent from the iMore App
  • I was hesitant to leave android after many years but I'm so glad I did. I went with the iPhone 6 64gb space grey. Hands down best phone I've ever owned. The hardware and software mesh so well that I actually enjoy using a phone again. No lag or weird android errors. I highly recommend it.
  • I've had my iPhone 6 for three days now and so far it's been a great experience. I went with the space gray 64 flavor.
    Earlier in the year I gave the Samsung galaxy S5 a good 6 month test drive and while I do praise the devices battery life and performance it was just not the right one for me, I was on Android kit kat the whole time and did get to try a lot of the Google apps that were updated for Lollipop. I do use google apps quite a lot but feel much more comfortable in the iOS ecosystem. I love the material and apple design on iPhones which no other phone on the market can pair. There's a few tricks I like on Android that iOS misses but I found myself saying the same thing while using the Galaxy S5, I guess there's no "perfect" phone and OS combination because we simply set our expectations too high. That being said, for my day to day use and taste, iPhone 6 has hit the sweet spot of screen size and OS combination. I do wish Apple would've gone with a +2300 battery to get through the day without recharging but having used every other past iPhone iteration since the 3G came out I'm sadly used to being a "wall hugger", I can say it's the only thing I miss from my previous phone.
    I still don't get why some folks hate one brand or the other, I think we're lucky to be alive in this era where there are so many options to choose from and go back and forth. I'm sure I'll try another Android device eventually and I'm sure I'll continue to go back to Apple, there's just brands you like more or trust than others and as long as I can keep a job that allows me this hobby of mine I can't say I'm on one bus or the other. For now, I'm on the iPhone band wagon for the next 18 months at least. Sent from the iMore App
  • Originally bought the 6 plus, loved everything about it EXCEPT the feel of it in my hand in both orientations, I thought I would get used to it but never did, so I exchanged for the 6 which feels really good in the hand.
  • I like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus is too big, and I cannot hole it well in my palm.
  • Been reading some of these articles lately because, long story short, my 6 was stolen while I was minding my own business having dinner with my girlfriend. Anyway, went to pay the insurance and, for a few more dollars, I could get the Plus so I went for it. No regrets here....I love it!
  • I simply can not stay off my i6 Plus! It's getting out of control - haha! I love everything about the phone, the size if perfect for me, considering I'm a big dude (6'5'' and built) , it doesn't look out of place holding it up to my head. I won't trade it for the world! Also, a few more things about the phone; I love screen resolutions and how EPIC the video playback is, biggest reason why I went with the 6 Plus. Too happy!
  • I just got a 6 yesterday. Love the screen size immensely and immediately my 5s' screen feels too small. BUT - I agree with iMore that the body is too large. My Moto X is the perfect body to screen ratio at the same screen size. I understand the home button dilemma, however I feel like Apple's world class engineers could've found a work around. Is the forehead and chin symmetry so important that the phone's footprint has to be the size of a galaxy s5 but with a much smaller screen? 4.7" for me is the sweet spot, but bezel size needs to shrink with the iPhone 7. Also, side note, wish I would've gotten space grey instead of silver. FWP.
  • With my investment in the Apple ecosystem (13" MacBook Pro, Powerbeats 2 Wireless), I went back and forth between the iPhone 6 (128 GB) and iPhone 6 Plus (64 GB) for weeks, eventually opting for the iPhone 6 as I wanted to have ALL of my music and photos on my phone. The bigger screen did intrigue me but the extra $100 was not worth having an overcrowded pocket on a more than regular basis. In addition, my family data plan (2 GB/mo.) doesn't allow for me to watch a lot of videos on my phone or stream music without WiFi. For videos I either watch them on my work computer during my breaks (iMac) or at home on my MacBook Pro. I prefer listening to my music using iTunes so priority one was being able to have enough space on my phone to allow me to "gift" my old iPod touch to my wife. With my 5300+ song library, podcasts and photos, I still have just under 50 GB of space remaining on my phone so I no longer have to plug in my external drive at work to listen to my music. As a side note, I was also looking at a Samsung Galaxy 6 and Galaxy 6 Edge. Two factors eventually steered me way from the phones: 1) Exclusion of removable battery/SD card slot - The horror stories of inferior battery life to the Galaxy S5 (which my wife bought and tried to convince me to buy) were further confirmed by Consumer Reports rating both phones worse than the S5. 2) The smoothness of the operating system - In my opinion, the greatest testament to this is the fact that iPhone 6/6 Plus runs more efficiently on 1 GB RAM while the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge runs slightly less efficiently on 3 GB RAM. I have five days left in my 14-day trial purchase and will gladly stick with my iPhone 6!
  • Hey iMore, this is a great contest at a time that I would love to now make the switch. The reason I would like to make the switch is for the following: 1. Security
    2. Regular Updates
    3. Better emailing tool
    4. A phone that just works Security: for the last little while security has been a hot topic, not just online but also at home and at the office. With myself running my both personal and business on my note 4 I find it very important to have my data secure and also separate. Why is this important, well first my current note 4 seems to just want to store all contact information regardless if its from google or from my business domain. Now I have not only my contacts (personal) but also business on my phone. The challenge, I have north of 5,000 contacts now that I have to sort through. Really my main contention is data security and how easily it is for someone break into the Samsung suite. (I've seen my kid cousin do it.) Regular updates: Nothing worse than watching all these great changes and developments in a thriving ecosystem and not being able to access it. Even worse getting the upgrade but it has more bugs than you can count and the next update to repair even if its a minor patch is g-d knows how long. I am now on lollipop with my samsung galaxy note 4 and my experience is terrible: dropped calls, bluetooth disconnect, text messages hanging, emails not working. This is my primary device and these basic functions are what helps me make money and complete my job. Hellllpp!!! Emailing: The samsung emailing client is terrible, its been such a bad emailing tool that I read my emails and wait until I get back to my desktop to respond. Why you ask? typing has been terrible, glitches, and the back button seems to always kick me out when I get to the bottom of the email thread. It's just terrible. A phone that just works: You know there a lot of great features on the note 4 ranging from a stylus pen to great gestures etc. However none of this is useful if you cant use the phone. I mean there have been times that I just need the basics; calling, text, occasional browse and email. Then I open my phone and no, it just doesn't want to be bothered. You dial a number you get disconnected, your respond to a text to find out your text message has been hanging for the past half hour, your emails are not being received and the list goes on and on. At the end of the day its simple guys the reason I want to move back to apple is it just works. My wife loves her iphone 6plus I should have done the same but ended up trying to be cool and different and go with the note 4. Boy was I wrong. The second I get a chance I am jumping ship! Sorry for my rant but its true. Hope you choose me and help me make the switch. Cheers,