New iPhone lineup in Tokyo already underway!

This is the front of the line for the new iPhone in Tokyo, Japan. We're still over a week out from the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c going on sale anywhere in the world, but it seems that's not going to stop the Japanese fans securing their spot at the front of the queue. AFP reports from Tokyo:

“I’m glad to have secured first place,” Tetsuya Tamura told AFP. ”Being here gets my adrenaline going. I am using up my annual leave to be here, but getting the first handset will make it all worth it.”

Lengthy lineups outside Apple Store's are pretty commonplace every time there's a new iPhone in town. This year of course, we get two to choose from, but if we were hedging, we'd say Mr Tamura is likely going for an iPhone 5s.

The question we ask now; will you be heading out to lineup for the new iPhones? And if so, when are you going?

Source: AFP

Richard Devine

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