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Ladies, we all know the infamous question asked by our doctor at the beginning of every visit - "When was the first day of your last period?" Now if you're like me, you pick some date you know is accurate by plus or minus a week and your doctor shakes his head and stresses the need for keeping track of these things and you shake your head wondering why it's even necessary when you're there for a broken arm. Well, with the help of an app, you can easily provide your doctor with any information needed about your cycle. With so many options in the app store, it may be difficult to decide which app is best for you, so I have chosen two apps that I believe are very good and comparable in price, iPeriod and Period Tracker.

Please note that for the sake of keeping my personal information private, the data provided for these screenshots is fake.


The home page of iPeriod is on the Summary tab which shows your next expected period date, average cycle length, average duration, and a brief history of your last 4 periods. You can add/edit a period from here as well. When adding a period, you are asked for the first day and last day. It will automatically have your average duration length set as default.


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The Calendar tab is a calendar view of information. It is here that you can add more detailed information. At the bottom, you will see which date you have selected and what day of your cycle is associated with that date. Tapping here will bring up notes for that day. There are 3 options for flow levels (light, medium, heavy), severity of cramps (none, mild, severe) and boxes to check for spotting, love connection, and 4 user defined options. There is also 33 different moods you can choose for the day, each with it's own smiley to appear on the calendar. All information given in notes will appear on the calendar as an icon or coloring. Period days will be in various shades of pink and fertile days will be in light green with dark green signifying ovulation. iPeriod assumes a luteal phase length of 14 days, but this can be changed in settings. Remember ladies, you should not use these apps to prevent pregnancy!


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You can edit/add a period from the calendar view as well. One thing I don't like about period entry, is that you must either accurately predict the length of your period when adding it, or go back and edit it once it's over. There should be an option in notes to select the date as a last day. Another thing I don't like about the calendar is that there isn't a color change for the selected date; you must read the date on the bottom to know which date you have selected. This is only a minor annoyance, but an annoyance none the less.

The ManageData tab is where you go to email your data as text or CSV.

The Next12 tab has predictions for your next 12 periods and fertile days.


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In Settings, you can password protect the app and set a question in case you forgot your password. In the event that you do forget your password, iPeriod will just give it to you if you get the question right, so make sure you choose a question that only you know the answer to! You can also set up in-app and/or email alerts reminding you of an expected period or informing you that you're late. There are other basic changes you can make in settings like setting the length of luteal phase, editing the user defined calendar icons, and specifying how many cycles to use when calculating averages.

The best and worst feature of iPeriod is it's calendar view. Some may love it's colorfulness and the way it provides lots of information at a glance. Others, however, may find it too busy and cluttered. For the the latter, Period Tracker may be your period tracker of choice.

Period Tracker

The home screen for Period Tracker is very simple. In big bold letters it says how many days until your next predicted period or how many days late you are. To enter a period start date, just scroll to the correct date and tap "Period Start". At the top corners, there are two options, Settings, and Calendar.


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The calendar view is much more plain in comparison to iPeriod. It's all gray with some icons. The same data was entered into both applications, so the screenshots really show how differently they display the same information. Fertile days are represented by green dots and ovulation day has a pink flower. Period days have various shades of pink triangles, "intimate" days have a heart, and a pink droplet means spotting. A little black dot means there are notes associated with that day, even if that note is also an icon on the calendar. The selected day is green instead of gray. At the bottom, there is more information about the selected day and tapping here brings up the notes page. Notes have an on/off toggle for "Period Ended" and "Intimate Today" and selections for backaches, bloating, bodyaches, cramps, spotting, headaches, and tender breasts, all of which have 3 levels of severity. Period Tracker has the advantage over iPeriod here, but iPeriod has more moods to select from. Period Tracker has 9 moods, but you can of course type your mood into notes if you feel like none of the choices accurately depict your mood. Since the smileys don't show up on the calendar anyway, I feel like this is an acceptable compromise.


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In settings you can set your default cycle and period length, edit entries, export notes through email, and set a 4 digit passcode. Period Tracker uses the same default of 14 days for the luteal phase, but does not have an option to change it. You also cannot export in CVS format. There is no list view of future period and fertile days; you must navigate to the month of interest to see predictions.

Period Tracker also offers a companion app for $0.99 to sync period dates and fertile days with a significant other... if that's something you're interested in.

The best feature of Period Tracker is it's simplicity. It's quick to start and end a period and calendar view shows only the most important data. Period tracker also offers more note options (minus mood choices). However, iPeriod offers more summary information, a nice list view of predictions, and export in CVS format.


I don't think one app is better than the other and will not proclaim one as the winner. I personally prefer Period Tracker over iPeriod, but the girl next door may prefer iPeriod. They satisfy a different set of needs and offer different types of style.

Instead of a Pros and Cons list for each app, I will provide a list of features iPeriod has that Period Tracker does not, and vice versa.

Features of iPeriod that Period Tracker lacks

  • List view of predicted period dates and fertile days
  • Export in CVS format
  • Colorful, detailed calendar view
  • Edit length of luteal phase
  • Question for password retrieval
  • User defined symptoms
  • Lots of summary information
  • Email alerts
  • 33 moods

Features of Period Tracker that iPeriod lacks

  • Quick entry of period start and end dates
  • Simple, less cluttered calendar
  • 7 symptoms, all with 3 levels of severity
  • Color change for date selection
  • Companion app available

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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    September 6th, 2009 at 12:07 pm
    Silly girlz, iPhones are for boyz!!
    HAHAHA--Funny as hell...but seriously I hope you dont lose your phones ans someone finds it and finds this app running
  • It's pretty sad to see the guys' responses on here. iPhones are for boyz? And then you complain about there not being enough gamer girlz, amirite? Maybe humans can all enjoy technology, or not, and it's independent of gender- shocking, I know! This is so explicit? Well, yea, so is my headache tracker, so what? It's not like it's a f*cking fart app, it needs to be explicit to track your information.
  • Amen sister. Too many childish douches on here. Its a part of life big deal and without it there would be no life at all. Literally
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  • Tyrone, Why should a woman be embarrassed if someone sees she has this app? Or horror of horrors, that someone else might see the data?
    News flash-the vast majority of females, at some point in their lives, menstruate. I thought most American men had gotten over it.
  • How did both apps arrive at 33 different moods?
    I bet most guys can't verbalize more than 8 moods.
    And why would it be important to record moods with that level of specificity?
    (or record moods at all for that matter).
  • Because Icebike, don't you wish you could remember what mood you were in back in October of 2004? Well, you can't because you don't have a period tracking app!
  • @Al:
    Well I wasn't dissing the app.
    Just amazed at the idea that there are 33 separate modes, and two independently developed apps seem to agree on that fact.
  • @icebike - iPeriod has 33 moods, Period Tracker only has 9.
  • For those that ARE pregnant and want to track the pregnancy and stages there is an app for that too... an it does a FUNNY job of making comparisons of the baby size to things that guys will understand, like compared to a beer bottle!
    Here's a blog about it:
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  • On a serious note - This iphone application is pretty good in the fact that it predicts your 'fertile' days. This could be really useful for those families who are trying for children. Thanks
  • When I saw that this review was available, my first thought was, "Oh is comes. There is no way this article will avoid snickers and jeers." So, I wasn't surprised by the feedback I've read, but I must say it is disappointing. I'd like to think that I am a regular visitor to a blog focused on technology related to the iPhone; a subject which, by it's very nature, suggests mature, insightful exchange.
    I am glad the article was posted, however. The information will be useful to women that frequent TiPB.
    @Leanna Lofte
    The iPeriod has one small glitch since its last update...whenever using the notes section, Auto-capitalization is turned off. It's a small thing, but somwhat annoying. Customer support is very prompt in responding to email communications, however, an issue like this one was reported months ago and still has yet to be updated.
    According to the developers of the iPeriod app, many women have stated that 33 moods were not enough. There is currently a running list of addition moods intended to be added in future updates.
    If it helps, the high variance of moods is quite helpful when tracking a menstrual cycle for the following reasons: 1)Some people experience dramatic mood swings or even depression which can become a critical concern. 2)Some people are better able to manage their interactions with others by tracking the triggers of certain emotional changes, and 3) Consistent mood changes related to a woman's cycle may actually indicate a hormonal imbalance which may be corrected with medical attention. There may be other reasons, but it is not all that important to explore them here.
    Also, I understand that (playing to the stereotypes), men probably can not articulate more than a handful of moods, where as women have as many moods as outfits and shoes...but I suspect it is more like this: there are thousands of colors named by humans, but most of the men I know can only name about 7...but it doesn't mean those colors aren't out there. :-)
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  • On a serious note,
    I think it seems like a great app. This blog is likely read by more men than women, so of course there is some joking going on because... well... we are guys and thats how we behave - wrong or right.. probably more wrong though!
    If the blog article was about a car application most guys would probably love it and the ladies would think us silly.
    Anyways, good idea on the app!
    Kick Butt
  • @SpiceRak2 Two things you have to keep in mind when reading comments here. 1. There are very VERY many iPhones owned by immature little boys, who don't grasp the concept of NOT commenting. I personally find it endlessly amusing that they spent the time to read a review that was CLEARLY not aimed at them, and then complain. This also allows us to ignore all the inane 'iPhones are for boyz' comments. Anyone unable to correctly spell boys, deserves to have their comment ignored anyway.
    And 2. Anyone mature enough to comment intelligently, is also likely wise (or experienced) enough to realize that the noise ratio from the immature comments will obliterate any honest attempt at useful comments, and shy away from posting anything.
    Oh, and expecting anything on the internet to not be ruled by idiots and trolls, is setting yourself up for disappointment. Not that there aren't good, intelligent people out here... we're just the minority.
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    I follow what you are saying. I don't think I am necessarily setting myself up for disappointment. I hold the posters of this site to a high regard and I don't think it is unrealistic to request maturity; most of these folks are quite capable and have demostrated as much on many occasions. I certainly do not shy away from sharing my opinion, regardless of the "noise" produced by less than mature commenters.
    Like I said, I was not surprised by some of the posts that appeared here. I just couldn't help but call it out as disappointing.
    @Kick Butt
    I follow what you are saying, too. There is no real harm and I can certainly take a joke...even if they aren't really good ones. :-)
    @ TiPB
    Not just trying to open up a big can of worms here, but it might be interesting to explore the male versus female experience of the iPhone. Is the smartphone market predominantly male? Are the applications driven by gender neutrality? Where do women stand in the technological industry these days? I don't know...but maybe questions like these are interesting to more than just me...
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    I myself, a woman, can't stand it when other women make such a big deal over the trivial.
  • @SpiceRak2 responding to @TiPB
    Contemplating the exploration of the male vs. female experiences of the iPhone, etc. . . sounds like an excellent research project for a communication graduate student. Great observation!
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    A question: I am thinking of developing apps and am wondering what kind of income / number of buyers can be expected if a well-thought out useful app like this is distributed by the iphone app store? Though maybe hard to beat something as eminently necessary to 1/2 the population like this.
    Finally about female users that whole thread is wierd. Obviously phones are for both sexes, who you gonna call! Maybe we can get a whole lot of talented female programmers, illustrators, or other people working on iphone apps, I hope!!!!
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    Its the most beautiful life changing app I've ever seen.
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  • Great information. I am using a trial version of period tracker but do not like some features such as if I forget to select the day I started I can not go back and edit or add. As well I would like to add past information since I have kept track for a long time. Possible I am not getting all the features in a trial but waiting to purchase an app I like. Thoughts? Thanks for your review.
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