LEGO The Incredibles review: A super brick breaker for a super family

For anyone that's played a LEGO game in recent years, you know what to expect from the latest in the prolific line. You won't be disappointed. LEGO The Incredibles on Nintendo Switch has an engaging storyline that both adheres to and expands on the already-existing story of a family of superheroes that go by the secret identity of the Parr family. You'll play through story-driven action for both the original 2004 film and its sequel from 2018. It's now available on Nintendo Switch.

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The story of the Parr family

LEGO Incredibles on Nintendo Switch

The beginning of your LEGO Incredibles adventure begins with the Parr family saving the day, once again, even though superheroes have been outlawed. The first half of the game covers content from the second film, wherein Elastigirl is constantly saving the day while Mr. Incredible stays home, trying to figure out what to do with Jack-Jack's new powers.

Level 7 begins the throwback adventures of the Incredibles by bringing you back to The Golden Years when we first met our favorite superhero family. The rest of the game is the same, you're just going through the storyline from the 2004 action adventure instead.

It's like getting two games in one, but you don't unlock the classic Incredibles' storyline until you've completed the Incredibles 2 campaign.

You can replay any level you've completed with any Minifig you unlock. This is how you complete all of the level challenges and find the hidden build kits. Specific Minifigs are required to access certain devices in the game. So, play through all of the levels and unlock new characters. Then, go back to those levels and use different characters throughout in order to find the hidden gems that await you.

Opening up the world

LEGO Incredibles on Nintendo Switch

At any time, you can opt out of story mode and go on your own adventure. It's here that you'll wander the streets of Municiberg and New Urbem.

Both regions include their own neighborhoods and districts, like the Financial District and Urbem Heights. Within each district, you'll be able to earn gold bricks and studs for completing challenges. Some are easy to find and complete, while others are somewhat hidden behind subtle action taking place in the background.

There are also Crime Waves that take place between the story. A district will suddenly be under siege and your job is to stop the crime wave. There will be a variety of small quests within each mission, like finding someone's stolen ice cream cone, with larger and more complex tasks that culminate in mini-boss fights right on the streets of Municiberg and New Urbem. When you successfully end a crime wave, you'll unlock new characters and cool little bonus landscapes (like unlocking an underwater coral reef and Dory!).

How is The Incredibles compared to other LEGO games?

LEGO Incredibles on Nintendo Switch

The gameplay in LEGO The Incredibles is mostly the same as it is in every LEGO game. You control two or more characters on the screen and can switch between them when one is needed for their special abilities. Standard LEGO game fair, which I love.

One new gameplay addition that is new in The Incredibles is that they all have a Super Move, which is triggered by building up their stored attacks. Unleashing the Super Move will usually clear the platform of all baddies at once.

Additionally, players must collect special Incredibricks throughout the game, which are used by the Incredibles at a Family Build stage, which unlocks new areas to explore.

How comfortable are the controls?

LEGO Incredibles on Nintendo Switch

I very much prefer to play this, and all LEGO games with a traditional controller. The few times when you have to rapidly tap ABX or Y are not particularly comfortable when used with the Joy-Cons alone. It's ... fine. But, I prefer having something with a grip, like the included Joy-Con Grip or even a compatible standard controller.

How does it play as a portable game?

LEGO Incredibles on Nintendo Switch

Whether you're playing on the big screen or on the 6-inch portable screen, you'll get the same level of action. The main difference is that, on the smaller screen, I noticed some significant loading times between levels that weren't as bad while the Switch was docked.

Since there is a lot of action taking place during cutscenes, you might see some jitter, though I never did, not on my TV screen or the Switch screen. The graphics are bright and clean, so you won't miss anything while playing through the action-packed levels.

Should you buy?

LEGO Incredibles on Nintendo Switch

If you're a fan of LEGO games and The Incredibles franchise, this purchase is a no-brainer. Of course, you're going to love the adventure. It's of the same caliber as the game's developer, TT Games has brought to the table. The story campaigns bring a smile to your face as you watch, pretty much, a LEGO version of Incredibles, but also get some extended content through the gameplay.

If you've never played a LEGO game, but you love Incredibles, you're in for a real treat. LEGO games are really easy to play, even when you die, the action doesn't stop. Your bricks simply come back together and you can continue where you left off, missing a few studs. It's the perfect family game to play with the kids on a Saturday afternoon. Two-player co-op mode means you can get through the levels with the help of your friends.

If you love LEGO games and wonder if Incredibles is going to give you something different or better than what you've played before, you're not going to be disappointed with The Incredibles, but you aren't exactly going to get a completely new experience for your $60. It's somewhat limited in its story experience and doesn't stray from the original plot too much.

Overall, I think this game is definitely worth the price tag for anyone that loves LEGO games and The Incredibles. If you've never played a LEGO game before, this is a great one to wet your whistle with. If you're an old-hat at LEGO games, by comparison, The Incredibles is on par with LEGO Jurassic World. It's worth the money but won't change your world.

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