Lock Screen Weather app adds weather to the iPhone Lock screen

Lock Screen Weather is a clever app that allows you to display local weather information and graphics on the iPhone Lock screen without requiring a jailbreak.

  • Current weather conditions on your Lock Screen
  • Optional five-day weather forecast displayed below current weather
  • Tens of thousands of cities around the world supported
  • Current weather and forecasts updated automatically and according to where you are (optional)
  • Background sounds captured right in the nature (optional)
  • Both Fahrenheit (℉) and Celsius (℃) scales supported
  • Originally designed graphic assets reflecting every significant weather change

The way it works is by playing a silent track through the iPod app, then using the album art for the track to display the weather based on locations you set within the app settings. Because of the dynamic abilities of how album art is displayed in the iPod app, and subsequently shown whenever you lock your iPhone or iPod touch, this app essentially tricks the iPhone into displaying updated Lock screen weather without breaking any of Apple's strict developer guidelines.

The only drawback is, whenever you have the app running to display weather on the Lock screen, you won't be able to listen to any music from the iPod app (or any other App Store app that uses audio output or album art, such as Pandora). This is, however, a very adept workaround and gets the job done without the need to jailbreak and install apps like IntelliscreenX.

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