Lynda mobile app entices learners with fresh design has updated its mobile application with a new design for iOS 7 that makes learning easy and fun. Now in version 4.0, the app brings fundamentals of business, technology, and creative skills to learners on the go with a variety of topics to choose from.

Here is what's new in the iOS 7 app for Lynda:

  • Visual, intuitive interface – The iOS application takes advantage of the latest operating system's enhanced visual experience and more intuitive interface, and also resizes the application to fit on different-sized screens.
  • Offline course and individual video viewing – Both the iOS and Android applications feature download-for-later offline course and individual video viewing, making it easy and convenient to learn even in environments without Internet access.
  • Chromecast support – The Chromecast support for Android devices allows members to send videos from their mobile devices to their TVs, providing a big-screen, learning experience. With the new Android application, members can use their mobile device to remotely browse, control and interact with videos on their TV.
  • Free - Download now.
Chuong H Nguyen