Microsoft pulls awful iPhone mocking ads, admits they were 'off the mark'

Apple seems to be a constant target in Microsoft's advertising campaign of late, but the latest effort out of Redmond has actually been pulled. The 'parody' ads poking fun at the new iPhones depicted fictitious meetings taking place within the walls of Apple's Cupertino HQ, and even had a character that looked a lot like Steve Jobs – albeit from behind. Now, in speaking to CNET, Microsoft explains why the ads have been taken down:

The campaign "was intended to be a lighthearted poke at our friends from Cupertino. But it was off the mark, and we've decided to pull it down," a Microsoft representative told CNET.

Fun is fun, but there's a fine line and Microsoft seems to acknowledge that this time, the line was crossed. It also continues to differentiate Apple marketing from that of its competitors; Apple shows the strength of it's own products, not simply trying to trash another company's.

Did you see the ads before they were taken down? And do you think Microsoft is right to take them down? If you want to see a much better quality parody, jump a little further for a reminder of TeamCoco's fine effort from late last week.

Source: CNET

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