New Apple ad showcases how iPad Air 2 changes the way you work

During Sunday's NFL broadcast, Apple debuted a new iPad Air 2 ad titled Change, which focuses on how the tablet changes the way you work. Highlighting various business situations that are made simpler just by using the iPad Air 2, Apple says that change is in the Air.

Promoting the new Change campaign on its website, Apple says:

iPad Air 2 isn't just the thinnest and lightest iPad we've ever created. It's the most powerful. From the studio to the classroom, the field to the garage, it's helping people discover new and better ways to do the things they love. Imagine what you'll do with it.

The commercial shows various use cases for the iPad with one user building an iPad mount into his motorcycle while others use the tablet's camera to scan barcodes. The iPad is also shown as a sketching tool. Apple is showcasing all the various apps used for the ad on its website.

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  • Apple should unveil a touch optimized Mac OS tablet to compete with the Surface Pro line up. Even under cut the price of the tablets starting at 699 and adding maybe 50 more for LTE starting at 128 and going up 100 dollars to 256, 512 and maybe even an entire terabyte. That'll be fantastic. With ipads you just have a bigger iOS that's basically running the same os as iphones and provide not that much functionality unless jailbroken Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Serious question: Why would you want to lift your hand when you've got a giant trackpad?
  • Why do people keep raising this silly idea about putting MacOS on a tablet?
  • Probably for the exact opposite reason people who have never used a tablet with a full OS keep telling those of us who have tablets with full OSes on them why they don't work.... Or as I like to put it "Would those of you who think it's impossible, get out of the way of those of us who are doing it?" Thank you. I have a Surface Pro 3. Conceptually, it's basically what Pirate Arr wants, except for the specific OS (Windows rather than MacOS). I use it every day for a huge range of things and I carry it with me everywhere because it's actually rather light. Not iPad Air light - but lighter than a MacBook Air. Because of the balanced design, it's easy to hold in one hand which makes using it as a notepad a wonderful experience because of the digital pen... same with drawing and sketching. No compromises. When I need to type a little, I use the onscreen keyboard. When I want to type a lot, I attach the keyboard, pop out the kickstand and voila - laptop. And I think this is the point that most people who ask your question miss: things don't have to be one thing, They can be different things for different needs. I guess you just have to be more like Windows users and.. "Think Different"... :)
  • You're a small minority.
    If Apple thought there was a large enough group of folks out there, they would have done it junior. Funny, the only slate users I see are on NFL Sunday!?! At the University, nothing but iPads.
  • I'm a small biz owner and my old PC died a couple months after I bought my iPad Air. I've used my iPad Air with a keyboard case as my computing device ever since. Plenty of (endless) opportunities and uses for iPads in small biz, corporate, and institutional work uses.
  • I'm just not seeing it. This iPad is "better" in the way that something made in 2014 would be "better" than something made in 2013 and that's about all I can see. Older iPads can utilize the same accesories and do largely the same things this new iPad can so I really don't see the point of this commercial aside from just letting the consumer know there's a new product for you to buy. It's really irritating to see us Apple customers become complacent and satisfied with these products considering their annual release cycle and marginally improved experience(s) in relation to what to what Apple is asking as entry pricing. There must be more. Apple needs to work harder for our money but I'm afraid as long as people are willing to sleep weeks in front of stores this vision of mine will never be fulfilled. Satisfaction with mediocrity may very well be what I have to settle for.
  • I had bought one on Thanks Giving. It vibrates like a sub-woofer in hand when playing any audio at any volume. Very annoying to hold. I returned it yesterday.
  • Cool Ad! Nice music, nice "diversity" of applications... looking forward to the incoming Holiday ad from Apple...
  • Nothing personal to all the Apple acolytes, but I find this advert to be very underwhelming as are all of Apple's products lately (iPhone 6, 6 plus, iPad Air 2, iPad mini etc.). I mean *literally* all this ad says is "get excited about this product." Boom. Period. In other words it's the exact same as every other Apple advert lately. They might as well just have taken all this idiotic "Coke is it!" adverts and put Apple in the place of Coke. It's a lifestyle advert. It SAYS NOTHING. I think Apple has dropped the ball here. Tablets in particular have degenerated to the point where all they really are is a handy way to do some very lazy things like email on the couch, watching movies and playing a lot of silly boring games. If this is really all they are, then what's the point of buying Apple's hugely expensive iPads when some crap Android tablet does all that for a fraction of the price? The real promise (and challenge) with "post-PC" touch technology, is using it for actual work and replacing "PCs" with tablets. A lot of us bought into this idea wholeheartedly and what's happened is Apple has left us in the lurch. Like a lot of people who swallowed the original hype about these devices, I'm still waiting for Apple to actually *DO* something with the technology. To make them more useful for actual work, instead of just being some mass market toy for kids and grandmas. There are a lot of things they can do, but so far they seem content to ride the big wave of popularity and rake in al the money they can from style conscious consumers that just gotta have the latest thing. How about making some post PC devices for actual designers, writers, architects, etc. instead?
  • I don't suppose you've got a side of constructive criticism to go with that can of whine. And rather suspiciously, your theorem conveniently rhymes with the general refrain that Apple's competitors are trying to tag on the iPad... So who's the acolyte then?
  • That's a great criticism from someone who's added nothing to the debate, not taken anything I said and actually replied to it, or offered any ideas of your own. Yeah, my five paragraph well thought out comment was totally destroyed by your two sentences of hot air. :roll eyes:
  • Ok... so it goes like this: Just so you know, your "It SAYS NOTHING." comment underlines that you are not particularly versed in advertising and brand marketing (which is the subject of this article). So you are simply stating your opinion. And there is no point in arguing your opinion is it... Hence why I didn't. And the rest of your comment is a pseudo-random whine-fest irrelevant to the advertisement. I guess you just want people to reply to you and I did just that... two time actually now :¬)
  • Ok.. allow me to offer some constructive criticisms.
    First off, a great deal of the things shown in the ad aren't unique to the iPad and iPad sales to educational markets have slowed recently so it's a wee bit disingenuous to suggest that that's an area of 'change'.
    One shot, for example, has someone using his iPad to video a fellow on a skateboard... that's not only hardly new - it's kind of silly given the quality of the camera and the size of the tablet. A $99 P&S camera would do a much better job and take up far, far less space.
    The ad, rather than focusing on specific ideas just spews a grab bag of semi-cliches in quick succession hoping that you'll either relate to *something* in there - or be overwhelmed by the sheer number of individual things shown, surrender and go buy an iPad Air.
    In doing this, Apple has managed the unique feat of swinging from the overly sentimental 'family no one has' to the bewildering montage of 'things no one really does'.
    I would like to see an ad that talks to people like me who live in the real world, have real families (or no families) and do real world things with their tablets.
    Then again, that may be why my iPad mini sits unused while my Surface Pro 3 is my main driver... I actually need to get things done that are more complex than Facebook posts and Messages chats.
  • Terrible ad but that's par for the course for Apple these days. The best use of an ipad seems to be for retailers to use as doorbusters these days. Even a hundred off feels like you're overpaying now.
  • I for one think Apple may need a new ad agency. The IPhone commercials are really bad (who wants to watch/listen to two morons gaming together), and this one isn't very good either.
    Tablet markets are growing stagnant, and this won't make my go buy a new one to replace my IPad Air. Sell us on the new functionality that is there, but not shown in many of the ads.
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  • Yup Absolutely Agree with you. The best feature I like in iPad Air 2 is faster charging process and sleek design
  • We need to change to keep our live vivid from tedious appearance.
  • Love Love My iPad Air 2 Best Tablet on the market !!!!