The first party pro option

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The third party pro

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is arguably one of the best first party console controllers in recent years. It has a killer D-pad and boasts a built-in NFC reader as well as rumble functionality. When it runs low on power you won't have to go hunting for batteries as it can be charged with USB. The only drawbacks to the Pro Controller are the steep price tag and that many folks have found that the shoulder trigger buttons do not press down deep enough.

$60 at Amazon


  • Feels fantastic in the hand
  • Good D-pad
  • USB Charging
  • NFC reader
  • Rumble


  • Price
  • Trigger buttons have a shallow amount of travel

The PowerA wireless controller may not have an NFC reader or rumble but it still brings a lot to the table. With a considerably lower price than the Pro Controller you will get an even better D-pad and what really makes in enticing are the two programmable buttons on the back which allows you a lot of flexibility.

$45 at Amazon


  • Price
  • Programmable buttons
  • Slightly better D-pad


  • No NFC reader
  • No rumble

If money isn't a huge concern for you and you have to have rumble and an NFC reader, then the Nintendo Switch Pro controller is the obvious choice. If, however you want to save a few bucks, The ProA controller is nothing to look down your nose at. The ProA also has one specific additional feature that gives it a solid edge on its competition. But, is it worth it?

The details

The Nintendo Switch is an absolutely fantastic controller that boasts just about all the bells and whistles that you could ask for. It has a really nice build quality and feels great in your hands. You can use it's NFC reader to scan your amiibo and it offers rumble support. When your Pro Controller is low on juice, you can plug it into a USB port and get it all charged up.

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The biggest problem with the Pro controller is that it carries a pretty hefty price tag. While the black version can be had on Amazon for $60, there are versions that sell for upwards of $90. For some gamers, buying a controller that could run you nearly a third of the cost of the Switch console itself just isn't an option. That's when it may be time to take a closer look at the PowerA Enhanced controller. With an asking price of only $45, it is much gentler on the pocketbook.

In order to offer a controller at a lower cost, certain functionality just has to go. In the case of the PowerA Enhanced controller, NFC and rumble just didn't make the cut. However, for some people that just isn't a big deal. The PowerA controller cannot be charged with a USB because it runs off of double A batteries. Now, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some people actually prefer using disposable batteries. So this is really a matter of taste. Finally, one of the coolest things that the PowerA offers is the programmable buttons on the back. For those who like the option to customize their gaming experience, this is a real win.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller
Cost $60 and up $45
Battery Life 40 Hrs 30 Hrs
NFC Reader Yes No
Rumble Yes No
Gyro Control Yes Yes
Programmable Buttons No Yes

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and the PowerA Enhanced controller are both great products. They both have specific benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately there are a few things to consider when choosing which one is right for you. How important is the price? Do you need NFC and Rumble? If you can afford it, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the better option. If the thought of customizable programmable buttons sound appealing, or you're still saving to buy the next big Switch game, the ProA should be your pick.

All the bells and whistles

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The controller to choose when you absolutely have to have it all.

The price of the Pro Controller may be a bit on the high end of the scale but you will get a lot for your buck. If you need that rumble or you collect amiibo and use them regularly, this might be the only choice for you.

Save a few dollars.

PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

When cost matters to your more than features

The PowerA Enhanced Wireless controller makes a few sacrifices in order to keep the price down. However, if the things sacrificed don't matter to you, this may be a perfect controller. Add in the programmable buttons and that makes this controller a formidable contender.

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