amiibo are collectible figurines of all your favorite video game characters from Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Wii U. Aside from being cool-looking figures, they are all sporting an NFC chip in their base. This chip allows you to scan your figures with your Switch, 3DS, or your Wii U. If your figure is compatible with your game, it can give you certain in-game bonus content or save data.

As Nintendo fandom let out an exasperated sigh, people reached for their wallets and queued up to purchase their favorite figures. Ever the king of scarcity, Nintendo experienced supply issues, which lead to rushes and shortages of certain figures. There are now certain amiibo figures which will set you back a pretty penny in order to add them to your collection. Here are a few of the most scarce amiibo statues out there

Squid sisters!

Callie and Marie 2-pack

If you missed your chance at picking up this Squid Sisters two-pack then you are most likely going to be paying a premium to get your hands on them now. Callie and Marie are demanding pretty high prices these days and if absolutely have to have them, you are looking at around $139 for the privilege.

$139 at Amazon

The ocarina king

Link: Ocarina of Time

With so many different Zelda related amiibo on the market, there are bound to be a few that fetch some pretty steep prices. One such figure is the Ocarina of Time Link.

$45 at Amazon

The toonie heroes

Toon Link / Zelda The Wind Waker

In December of 2016, Nintendo released the 30th Anniversary Legend of Zelda series. There were various Link and Link-related figures that were a part of the release. Today, the most expensive out there is the Toon Link and Zelda 2-pack.

$82 at Amazon

Wedding crashers

Mario/Peach/Bowser Wedding 3-pack

To celebrate Super Mario Odyssey there were a few figures that could be found dressed in their best white wedding attire. You could buy Mario, Peach, and Bowser individually, but if you want to get them in the three-pack, you are looking at around $75 for the privilege

$75 at Amazon

Inky trio

Splatoon 3-pack

The ink slingers from Splatoon also got an amiibo series. Dropped in 2016 this series had all the characters you would expect. One of the pricier options is the Splatoon three pack.

$80 at Amazon

The fire emblem princess

Corrin (Player 2)

One of the cool things about the Super Smash Bros. series of figures was the variety of characters on offer for the amiibo-verse. With that many characters, there was bound to be a few that ended up on the pricey side of the fence. The Corrin Player 2 figure from the Fire Emblem franchise does not come cheap.

$90 at Amazon

Combat queen

Bayonetta (Player 2)

Another figure from the Smash Bros series is everyone's favorite leather-clad bullet artist. The Bayonetta Player 2 amiibo came out in mid-2017. If you missed your chance to pick her up when she came out, it's time to dust off your wallet.

$60 at Amazon

Comet watcher

Rosalina & Luma

Yet another amiibo from the sprawling Smash Bros. series is Rosalina. Her first appearance was in Super Mario Galaxy. If you want her next appearance to be in your amiibo collection you had better set aside $54

$88 at Amazon

Second place plumber

Mario (silver)

Mario has been the captain of Nintendo's ship for some time. The Super Mario amiibo series went some way toward honoring the plumber in red. The silver color version of this Mario sculpt was only available at Walmart and has gone up a bit in price since its release

$45 at Amazon

First place plumber

Mario (gold)

When you start with color variants it can be hard to stop. If you're going to be getting the silver Mario, then odds are that you are probably going to want the gold version as well.

$78 at Amazon

the knit puppy

Yarn Poochy

For my money, some of the coolest amiibo figures come from the Yoshi's Wooly World series. With figures made from real yarn they really stand out from all the other amiibo series. The priciest figure from that release is Yoshi's puppy Poochy.

$80 at Amazon

Pop culture prospecting can be fun, exciting, and challenging all at once. Part of the fun of collecting is the chase and sometimes that chase can be very expensive. Like any collectible worth its salt, amiibo have some highly valued pieces. Just do your best to not dip into that college fund. Deciding which figure is most valuable is entirely up to your taste and preference but I sure do dig that Yarn Poochie

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