Superior update

Polar H10

Good start

Polar H7

After five years on the market, the H7 was finally replaced by the H10. It represents a significant improvement over the older model with a longer operating time, an improved chest strap, and updated software.

$90 at Amazon


  • Improved battery life
  • Built-in memory
  • More comfortable strap


  • More expensive
  • Perhaps not for beginners

The Polar H7 was a terrific choice -- when it first arrived. However, it has been upended by the H10, which has some new features.

$54+ at Amazon


  • Budget buy
  • Includes many of Polar's most important features
  • Great for beginners


  • The product is getting old; it first arrived in 2013
  • No built-in memory
  • Technology can't be updated

There's no denying the H10 offers superior features over the H7 for anyone looking to get into shape. It's almost a complete update and it only costs $40 more. Still, if you're new to heart rate sensors for your chest, there's nothing wrong with selecting the older model. Your wallet might thank you.

Unfair comparison

In the H10, Polar has brought chest-based heart rate sensors to a new level. As such, on numerous points, it's a step up from the older model.

Do you already own the H7 but are looking to upgrade? The H10's new pod and strap are interchangeable with the previous strap and pod. Nonetheless, the straps are significantly different, with the H10 offering an improved version. The later model offers more than 50 circular rubbers dots on the back side. In doing so, the strap handles sweat much better and also attaches to the body better.

Both the H7 and H10 connect to smartphones using Bluetooth SMART, so there's no difference here, although you'll have to confirm whether the H10 works with your smartwatch — it might not work with older ones.

H7 H10
Bluetooth low energy Yes Yes
5kHz transmission Yes Yes
Updatable software No Yes
Built-in memory No Yes
Compatible with 3rd party apps Yes Yes
Operation time 200 hours 400 hours
Improved chest strap No Yes
Measuring algorithm No Yes

Despite some similarities, the winner is clear. The H10 offers superior features including double the operating time between charges, an improved chest strap, and the ability to store one training session, so you don't need to wear your smartwatch during a workout. There's also a new measuring algorithm that makes keeping track of your data more manageable. The H10 is also the one that offers updateable software that will make the hardware even better in time. By contrast, the H7 can't be updated and the

Despite these upgrades, the H7 still packs a punch and on the more significant points, does the same things as the newer model. This includes third-party app integration, 5kHz transmission of data, and more. Plus, it costs $40 less than the H10 and it still lasts 200 hours between charges. The bottom line: If you want to save some cash or aren't fully committed to this heart tracking thing, stick with the older product and spend less.

Superior choice


Feature-rich to help you get into shape

A terrific update to a product that will help you get in shape and keep track of your heart rate. Use it for your health for many years to come.

Time passed


First timers should consider

If you've never worn a heart rate sensor before, the H7 is a good starter solution because of its price. Be sure to shop around for the lowest priced option.

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