While I refuse to believe the rumors are true, and will keep refusing until Steve Jobs (or whomever) ends their WWDC 2011 keynote 100% new iPhone 5 free, I simply have to ask -- If Apple doesn't release an iPhone 5 this year what will you do?

If you just got a new Verizon iPhone you probably don't care as much (maybe you're even a little relieved?) If you think iPhone 4 is still way ahead of the competition, maybe it doesn't matter to you either. If you plan on getting a white iPhone 4, could that hold you over? But what if Apple just broke your heart yesterday, then what? Is it enough to make you take a good long look at an Android-based alternative?

We might be facing our first June since 2007 without a new iPhone. What will you do? Vote in the poll above and let us know the details in the comments below!