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What to Expect when Expecting is one of the most popular pregnancy books available, and they also have an app to compliment their book and website. Pregnancy Tracker from is an iPhone application for pregnant women to keep track of their pregnancy.

There are 5 sections of Pregnancy Tracker. The home screen, called "tracker", is where you see your due date, a countdown to your due date, Baby's gestational age, what trimester you're in, and something to compare your baby's size to. (This week, my baby is the size of a butternut squash!)

The Weekly tab provides useful information about what to expect with your body and also the changes that are happening in your baby's development. This section is very thorough and gives quite a bit of information.

The Daily tab is my favorite part of Pregnancy Tracker because I haven't seen this in another pregnancy application before. Here you are given a new tip, fact, or reminder each day. Most apps have something similar, but it only changes weekly.

You can store photos related to your pregnancy in the Photos tab.

The last tab is for Forums. This is a great section to communicate with other moms and moms-to-be about pregnancy or anything else related. What makes the forums even better is that they are the same forums that you can find on This opens up the conversations to anyone, not just iPhone users.

Pregnancy Tracker is a great pregnancy application that is packed with information. The main thing it's lacking is good pictures; It would be really nice if nice pregnancy related pictures were added to the app. Other than that, I have been very happy with Pregnancy Tracker. And the best part... it's free!

Video and screenshots after the break!


  • Weekly information about body and baby
  • Daily tips
  • Active forums


  • Only pictures provided are tiny pictures of a fetus during that particular week of pregnancy.

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  • I just wanna know. Where's the geeky sci-fi version of this? "Your baby is the size of an Alien chest burster." "Your baby is the size of a Goa'uld." "Your baby is the size of..." No? :)
  • i use this app! it is great, its gotten so much better now that you can actually post to the forums and reply to members. definitely highly recomended.
  • It's useless you are exessively worried about your baby and if you are just go see a doctor
  • And besides an iPod is not ment to be a maternal device and please I bet somebody has used that joke before honstly:)
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    @Leanna: So what is the Butternut Squash's name...?
  • WHAT Do yOU MEAN IT Tells you what to expect... EXPECT A BABY!!!
  • Really good information on this app, have been using it since I found out my wife is pregnant
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