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What you need to know

  • Illustration app Procreate is getting an upgrade for the M1 iPad Pro.
  • Optimization will make the software 4x faster than the current version.

Procreate says that an optimized version of its app for the new M1 2021 iPad Pro will be 4x faster than the current one.

Procreate's teaser webpage states:

Paint on your 3D models with all the power and beauty of Procreate's brush engine and image effects. With a host of inclusive new accessibility features, plus full optimization for the powerful new M1 chip that takes Procreate to the next level. Free your 3D artwork from the canvas and see it in the real world with AR. Realistic lighting and shadow effects help you visualize and capture the possibilities. Experience desktop power with the best stylus in the world. Thanks to the astonishing performance of the new M1 powered iPad Pro, high-resolution, richly layered artworks perform up to 4X faster.

Version 5.2 of Procreate also brings a slightly tweaked UI and more accessibility options including Audio Feedback through Apple VoiceOver integration. The next version is "coming soon" for Apple's new iPad Pro.

Apple announced its new M1 mini-LED iPad Pro at its Spring Loaded April event. From that report:

Apple has today announced a brand new iPad Pro featuring the M1 Apple silicon chip.

The new iPad Pro features an 8-core CPU, making it 50% faster than the previous model, and 75x faster than the first iPad. It also has an 8-core GPU, 40% faster than last year and 1500x faster than the first iPad.

It also has 2x faster storage and a 2TB option for up to 60k ProRAW images.

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iPad Pro (2021)

The new iPad Pro is the first iPad to feature Apple's M1 processor, the same chip that powers the Mac.

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