Purported gold and steel gray iPhone casings get shown off on video

a gold/champagne iPhone 5s is looking like a safe bet for the rumored iPhone event on September 10, and while I haven't heard anything about a steel gray/graphite iPhone 5s coming along for the ride, a small number of parts leaks do seem to indicate there's at least some experimentation going on in the labs.

Casings for both variants, gold and gray, have found their way onto video for your early ogling pleasure. The first video, up top, if from TLD and shows a purported gold iPhone 5s casing compared to the current iPhone 5. The second video, down below, is from Best Tech Info and shows what could likely be some test parts, or possibly a fourth color variant.

Check them out, above and below, and then let me know - if they were on the shelves today, which one would you get?

Source: TLD, Best Tech Info via MacRumors

Rene Ritchie

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