Purported iPhone 5S user guide points to 'Touch ID' home button

It's event day, but that hasn't stopped one more leaked image out of Asia that purports to this time be the iPhone 5s user guide that will come in the box alongside the phone. The most interesting part is it shows a name for the now expected fingerprint sensor under the home button; Touch ID. It also appears that the app icon outline on the home button may be gone, though that could also be down to the poor quality of the image.

The only other item of interest that the home button is clearly outlined with a silver ring, something which earlier leaks have already attributed to the 5S specifically because of the fingerprint scanner. All reports we've seen so far of the iPhone 5c suggest it has a regular home button, no fingerprint scanner.

Either way, we'll know soon enough. Help countdown the hours to the event by checking out iMore's extensive event preview.

via iPhon.fr

Richard Devine

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