Serial+ for iPhone review: Never lose track of warranty info or serial numbers again

If you own a lot of gadgets and software programs, and let's face it, most of us do, keeping tracking of warranty information and serial numbers can become overwhelming. Serial+ aims to solve that problem by bundling them all into one easy to use app complete with Dropbox sync, so no matter what happens, all your product information is safe.

Serial+ has one main purpose: to store all the information that matters about your electronics, gadgets, and software. This includes general information such as model numbers, serials, purchase amounts, and photos. These are excellent items to keep track of in case you ever need to file a warranty claim with an insurance company. Beyond that, you can also store manufacturer's warranty information as well as any extended warranty info you need. Warranties will default to one year but you can change them if you need to by just editing the information manually.

When it comes to storing software information, this is where you'll want to put all your product licenses and activation codes. Serial+ also gives you a spot to store version numbers and how many licenses a serial provides. You can plug anything else you need to know into the notes field. If a serial number is tied to an email account, you'll also have a place to save that email address as well. You can also choose to passcode lock the app so unauthorized individuals can't access your records.

As far as backing up your Serial+ data, you've got a backup option via Dropbox. Just link your Dropbox account and Serial+ will start creating backup files of your warranty and serial information. If you ever get a new iPhone or have to replace one, you can simply hop into settings and bring down all your information from your last Dropbox backup. If you need to share information with someone whether it's for a warranty claim, or you just want a hard copy to send to yourself periodically, you can export your information into a .csv or plain text file. These two formats should be sufficient for any insurance claim you may need to make.

The good

  • Entering in products in straight forward and comes with plenty of options
  • Dropbox sync and export options ensures that your data is always protected from loss
  • Option to take photos and store them with each product, great for insurance claims
  • Easily view which items you own are under warranty and which are expired
  • 256 bit encryption when syncing to Dropbox so you know your data is secure when being backed up
  • PIN lock option for the app itself to prevent others from accessing your information

The bad

  • Dropbox sync is currently a little buggy, I received quite a few time outs before it actually created a backup file

The bottom line

If you own lots of electronics or software, it's essential to have a way to track all that information. Not only can Serial+ help if you ever get into a situation where an item is stolen and you needs its information for a claim, but can help expedite tech support calls. I've had numerous times where I need to call about a product and don't have the serial on hand. With Serial+, that problem is all but gone. I can just pop into the app and access serials and warranty info in a few simple taps.

  • $2.99 - [Download Now]( -warranty-serial-number/id603656489?mt=8&at=10l3Vy&ct=d_im)
Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.