Sony 8mp image sensors for iPhone 5 delayed?

9to5Mac's Seth Weintraub was watching the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg interview Sony CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, when stringer let slip that cameras meant for Apple iPhone and iPad would be delayed to due the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Paraphrased: “Our best senor technology is built in one of the (tsunami) affected factories.  Those go to Apple for their iPhones…or iPads.  Isn’t that something?  They buy our best sensors from us?”

Sony doesn't currently supply iPhone or iPad optics but had been rumored to be supplying iPhone 5 with 8 megapixel sensors. Rumors spread last week of a possible "delay" in iPhone 5 release from the usual summer schedule to a Fall, or possibly later date. If the "delay" (unannounced products can't be delayed, but internal schedules can be pushed out and historic cycles can be broken) is real, and the Sony image sensor is accurate, could this and potentially other component related problems be part of the reason?


Rene Ritchie

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