Yet more iPhone 5 micro dock connector rumors

A few months ago, iMore reported that the iPhone 5 would have a smaller dock connector, which was in turn backed up by leaked parts. Now, TechCrunch claims three sources in the manufacturing chain are anticipating a 19-pin port on the next iOS smartphone.

Of course, even if Apple includes an adaptor like they did with the recent MacBook Retina MagSafe, that could means headaches for accessory makers. But the old 30-pin dock has been around for awhile, and whenever Apple makes a jump to the next generation, it usually involves a clean break from the past.

Aside from the metric tonne of new features in iOS 6, there's really nothing official about the next-gen iPhone that we're expecting to see in the fall. With everything still under wraps and in pre-production, there's a lot that can change in the next couple of months. That said, I would be hesitant to call anything at this point "confirmed" -- the best we have a safe bet.

With a bit more room inside, what could Apple be including on the next iPhone? LTE? NFC? More battery to power the bigger screen? What would you guys like to see the extra room being used for?

Source: TechCrunch

Simon Sage

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