Store your VR gear on this discounted stand

A stand for your VR equipment is a simple product that can make a big difference. VR gear is pretty difficult to store, and it doesn't help when you factor in how expensive everything is. The last thing you want to do with your quadruple-digit gaming system is leave it lying haphazardly around. Instead, pick up this Afaith VR Stand (opens in new tab) for $19.75 when you apply coupon code EXWDKXMP during checkout at Amazon. The stand typically costs around $26 and we haven't shared a deal like this for it before. You'll get free shipping by spending at least $25 or by using Amazon Prime (opens in new tab).

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Afaith VR Stand (opens in new tab)

This stand is designed to hold VR headsets and controllers. It's compatible with most VR headsets. The non-slip surface keeps your gear secure, and assembly is easy too. Use the coupon code to save.

This stand is compatible with most standard-sized VR headsets. It'll work with Oculus Rift, PSVR, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and more. It has room for you to hang and display the headset as well as extra spaces for controllers, cables, and other accessories. Assembly is easy and takes only a few moments, and you can disassemble it pretty easily as well. The stand itself is super stable, and the non-slip material stays firmly in place and keeps your gear exactly where you want it. So far, customer reviews (opens in new tab) for the product are nearly perfect.

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