Adventure through a snow-covered Yosemite with this first look at virtual environments on Apple Vision Pro

Vision Pro virtual environments Yosemite
(Image credit: M1Astra)

The Apple Vision Pro seems to be many things to Apple — a work machine, an accessibility device, and a Facetime camera. Now, you can add another notch to that belt; a way to go on a virtual holiday to some of the world's most stunning environments and beauty spots.

In a short video uploaded to X by user M1Astra, the Vision Pro takes viewers on a journey to snow-smothered Yosemite, surrounded by coniferous trees and towered over by misty mountains.

A trip to another world

The virtual environments of the Vision Pro aren’t just a way of viewing a place — the idea is that you’re actually in it. That means that all the other Vision Pro features are still available, like virtual desktop, video viewing, and even Facetime.

You’ll no longer be in your office, living room, or wherever else you might be wearing the headset, but at a completely different time and place. It’s a very cool element of the Vision Pro and one that could go even further.

iMore’s Take — a learning and education tool

Despite Ridley Scott’s best efforts, accurate history is important, and learning what it has to teach us even more so. Now, imagine that instead of just learning about it from a book you could let people experience the history. Place them in the Colosseum of Rome, at the center of the French Revolution, or in the trenches of WW1. 

Vision Pro’s virtual environments would be cool just to help you escape from the boring monotony of an office job, yes, but they could be so much more – and it’s likely that Apple has already taken it into consideration.

Just as long as it doesn’t make me start wearing it to parties, like one developer apparently said of the device in preplanning. That would suck.

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