Samsung takes aim at one of Apple's most exciting unreleased products

Apple Vision Pro headset, launched at WWDC in California.
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Samsung has filed a trademark indicating it plans to take on Apple Vision Pro with its own mixed-reality headset. 

As spotted by Upload VR, Samsung has filed a trademark for Samsung Glasses, listed as "Virtual reality headsets; Augmented reality headsets; Headphones; Smartphones; Smart glasses," according to a filing with the UK Intellectual Property Office. 

Samsung confirmed in February it was planning a new "extended reality" piece of hardware in tandem with Google and Qualcomm, however, the company reportedly went back to the drawing board after seeing the power of Apple Vision Pro when it was unveiled at WWDC 2023. 

An Android Vision Pro rival

Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computing experience with an eye-watering $3,499 price tag that features two 4K micro-OLED displays and is capable of content consumption, collaboration, and more. 

Samsung's offering reportedly featured the Exynos 2200 chipset, known for being sluggish and unkind to battery life. As our friends at Android Central note, it's possible Samsung might be planning to adopt Qualcomm's as-yet-unreleased chipset, expected to drop in the first quarter of 2024. 

Apple's Vision Pro headset is expected to debut in stores in early 2024, with the most recent rumor tipping the launch for March, despite Apple initially targeting January. The prospect of an Android rival to Apple Vision Pro is an interesting one, and only time will tell if Samsung can successfully bring it to market. There are no pricing rumors regarding the headset, but it's unlikely it will come close to the $3,499 of Apple Vision Pro. With the aforementioned delay to Samsung Glasses' development, Apple will be able to launch Vision Pro into clean air next year. The only mainstream rival to the headset currently is really the Meta Quest 2 and the newer Meta Quest 3, which cost a fraction of the price. 

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