Every Apple Vision Pro accessory that's been revealed so far

CASETiFY Apple Vision Pro with accessories
(Image credit: CASETiFY)

You can finally order the Apple Vision Pro! But even before you get your hands on the Vision Pro, you'll probably want to get some accessories to get the most out of your pricey purchase — and protect it. Apple is offering some premium accessories, of course, but there are some third-party products you might consider as well.

Apple's own

Apple Vision Pro carry case

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple has announced a number of accessories, of course. The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case will be a perfect fit and protect your investment on the go. At $199 it isn't cheap but it does have special compartments for the battery, ZEISS Optical Inserts, Apple Vision Pro cover, and other accessories.

If you wear glasses, you'll have to get the ZEISS Optical Inserts if you want to see properly in your $3,500 headset. They start at $99 for simple readers or $149 for prescription lenses. 

While you're at it, you might want to pick up a spare Apple Vision Pro Battery. It's $199, but it means you can double your battery life on the go.

Spigen Apple Vision Pro Case Klasden Pouch

Spigen Apple Vision Pro case

(Image credit: Spigen)

Going for about $90, less than half the price of Apple's carrying case, Spigen's Apple Vision Pro Case Klasden Pouch has a hard exterior and soft pillowy interior to protect your headset. It also has organizational pockets for your cables, battery, and even a secret AirTag compartment.

Belkin Battery Holder

While Belkin's Battery Holder may not be the most fashion-conscious thing you can wear, it does give you some options for cable management and battery-wearing. It lets you clip the Apple Vision Pro battery onto your belt or pants. Or you can use it as a cross-body strap for your battery.

Speck Apple Vision Pro accessories

Speck Apple Vision Pro products

(Image credit: Speck)

At iMore, we're big fans of Speck cases for iPhone, MacBook, and more. While Speck hasn't described in detail exactly what accessories will be released, they have hinted at their lineup with the above photo and promised they have "already conceptualized protection options, carrying cases, and holders for Apple’s Vision Pro."

Speck's Apple Vision Pro landing page gives you the option to sign up with your email address to receive exclusive updates on all of Speck's new tech as it comes out.

CASETiFY Apple Vision Pro accessories

CASETiFY Apple Vision Pro accessories

(Image credit: CASETiFY)

If it's from CASETiFY, you know it'll be colorful. CASETiFY's Bounce Vision Series is a full accessory lineup that includes "headbands, protective bumper-style cases for the external display, neck straps and cushions for the eyepiece, and more to come." The Bounce Vision Series will be available on CASETiFY's website in early 2024.

Our mission is to empower self-expression, and Bounce Vision is here to do just that. Our platform provides users with the opportunity to fully customize their tech gadget accessories, allowing them to stand out effortlessly, this time with Apple Vision Pro.

Wes Ng, CEO and Co- founder of CASETiFY

CASETiFY will be adding these Vision Pro accessories to their Bounce lineup, which is already popular due to its excellent drop protection for smartphones and laptops. But what makes CASETiFY accessories really stand out is customizability. The Bounce Vision Series will be no exception. 

Customers will be able to choose personalized color combinations, patterns, textures, and more. You'll even be able to upload your own designs and photos.

BandWerk Apple Vision Pro Headband

Bandwerk Apple Vision Pro headband

(Image credit: Bandwerk)

Luxurious European leather brand BandWerk is planning a headband lineup for the Apple Vision Pro. These bands will combine high-quality Italian leather with top-notch design.

BandWerk's products are handcrafted in Germany. BandWerk promises an optimized Apple Vision Pro experience, easily replaceable elements, and a focus on comfort and durability. As we can see from the images on BandWerk's website, these headbands will surely combine style and function beautifully.

Purchase of this headband includes the easily replaceable leather headband itself, which can be attached to the Apple Vision Pro with a few simple steps. Additionally, you'll get a matching "light seal" made from fabric, which goes in between the Vision Pro's screen and your head.

This fabric can also be easily replaced as needed. BandWerk plans to release the headbands in five colors to start: brown, grey, creme, black, and gray with orange highlights.

Caviar 18K Gold Vision Pro

Caviar 18K Gold Vision Pro accessory

(Image credit: Caviar)

Luxury jeweler Caviar takes the Apple Vision Pro to a whole other level, as it's done with many Apple devices before, such as a bulletproof iPhone 13, gold-plated iPhone, gold-plated AirPods Max, and much more.

Not content to just create a band or a case, Caviar was inspired by Tom Ford flip-up glasses and Gucci ski masks to design a flip-up shield made of 18-karat gold. So, when you don't want people to see your eyes displayed on the outside of the Apple Vision Pro, you can cover up your projected peepers with this fancy gold shield. 

Of course, Caviar's upscale Vision Pro accessory is also a high-end leather band. It's made from Connolly leather, which supplies the British Royal Court and Rolls-Royce. 

The Caviar 18K Gold Vision Pro is expected to launch in 2025 as a limited edition product, with only 24 units for sale. You can bet that it will cost far, far more than the Apple Vision Pro itself, an estimated $39,900. That's if you can even get your hands on one. To be among the first to be informed of its release, you can leave your email address on Caviar's website.

Lots more accessories on the way

The accessories we've rounded up here are just the first of many we can expect to be released along with the Apple Vision Pro or soon thereafter. They will offer you a way to customize your Apple Vision Pro and make it truly your own. Plus, you can get some extra protection, perhaps some extra comfort, or maybe even some extra luxury to go along with your luxury tech device.

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