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Microsoft might have lost at phones but it's battling back in the classroom

An Apple for the teacher... or time to open up some Windows?

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Apple making more direct efforts to get technology into classrooms

Despite one high-profile failure, Apple's initiatives in getting iPads and other technology into classrooms seem to be working well in a number of school districts.

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Apple, education, and teaching the teachers

For years, Apple has been synonymous with education. But winning the modern battle in the classroom isn't just about making useful iPads.

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Apple offers tips for using its devices in classrooms with new site

Apple has launched a new site that offers guidance for teachers on how to use Apple devices and apps from the App Store in their classrooms.

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Empowering education with iPad and iOS 9.3.

Making information in education easier and more accessible for schools, teachers, and students, the Apple way.

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Apple wins big in enterprise and education in 2015

According to a new survey from JAMF Software, Apple made big gains in both the enterprise and education markets in 2015, seeing a significant rise in device support and favorable feedback.

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Tim Cook stresses the importance of technology in education during new interview

Tim Cook recent sat down for a new interview in which he stressed the importance of giving students across the country access to new technologies, highlighting Apple's involvement with the White House's ConnectED program.

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L.A. school district seeking refund from Apple over failed iPad program

The Los Angeles Unified School District is asking Apple to refund millions of dollars that the district spent on the now-defunct program that would have given iPads to students all around the district.

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Apple reportedly making changes to iPad in Education program to ease app distribution

It looks like Apple is set to make some changes concerning how schools manage the deployment of iPads for the upcoming school year.

The reported changes would make it easier for schools to manage installing apps and restrict purchases made by students on their devices.

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LAUSD superintendent ends $1.3 billion iPad-for-all initiative

The Los Angeles Unified School District announced that it is terminating its ambitious $1.3 billion plan to outfit every student with an iPad. Though unrelated to the seizure of documents by the FBI from the district on Monday, LAUSD superintendant Ramon Cortines announced his decision on Tuesday to end its contract with Apple.

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