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Financial Results

Apple Q1 Conference Call Highlights: 4.4M iPhones Sold, 13.6M in 2008

We're listening to Apple's Q1 conference call, looking for any and all iPhone details in particular to share, and we'll update as soon as we get them!

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Apple Q1 Conference Call Coming January 21

About the only time Apple updates iPhone sales numbers is during their quarterly conference calls. Last time Steve Jobs himself showed up to crow about the iPhone hitting 10 million ahead of schedule and outselling the BlackBerry. This time? We don't count on it, but with Steve Jobs, we can never count anything out either.

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iPhone in Canada: Rogers Sold 255K iPhones Last Quarter!

Okay, fair enough, it's not the nearly 7 million iPhones our big United Statesian brothers to the south consumed in the last quarter, but for a market the size of Canada's (where it is cold and we must work hard just to survive...), 255,000 iPhones moved is EPIC.

Says Electronista:

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Updated: 10 Million iPhones in 2008! 7 Million in last 3 Months! Apple Q4 Results!

Apple is reporting their Q4, 2008 financial results, and while things look good for the Mac, they look great for the iPhone, with 6,892,000 units sold during the 3 month period, up from 1,119,000 in the same quarter last year. And YES! Apple has already made their 10 million iPhone in 2008 goal, with the holiday season still to come. This makes Apple, dollar-for-dollar, the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world (after Nokia and Samsung), and Apple has only been in the space since June 2007!

Says Apple CEO, Steve Jobs:

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Apple 2008 Q4 Conference Call Tomorrow

Just a reminder that Apple will hold their 2008 Q4 Conference Call tomorrow at 2pm PDT/ 5pm EDT, which should include the first full quarter of iPhone sales, and thus those iPhone sales numbers every analyst and their magic 8-ball have been slathering for.

As always, TiPb will be here with coverage of all the highlights (and lowlights, if needed), but we have to remind everyone that, unlike a SteveNote presentation, conference calls are less with the "BOOM!" and more with the drone-like repetition of corporate governance (@$$ coverage), ad naseum infinitum. Tim Cook will likely handle hosting duties, as he did last time.

See you then!

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Apple Posts 3rd Quarter Results: Hello Halo Effect?

We told you that today's earnings would be thin on iPhone details and that is definitely the case. Apple's just posted their 3rd quarter results and the results are: dizzang!

Dig the full results (minus the legal speak) after the break. Here's the short version: a record number of Macs were sold, just shy of 2.5 million, which works out to about 41% growth year over year, 43% revenue growth. That's ALottaMacs, friends, and it helped Apple hit a quarterly profit of over a billion dollars on $7.46 billion in revenue -- both significant increases over the same quarter last year. Margins were down a hair, but whatev -- Apple's selling Macs, dig?

We can't wait to see what the financial results are for iPhone sales (they'll come next quarter), but we have a sneaking suspicion that numbers like these mean that the just-dandy sales for iPhones 2 quarters ago have translated into quite a few people getting interested in replacing a PC with a Mac. As Mac-users ourselves, we welcome you folks to the fold. Are you a recent switcher? Was it the Halo effect? Is your new iPhone 3G spotting a shiny halo that has you thinking Mac for your next purchase?

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Apple's Financial Results Tonight Will be Light on iPhone

MacRumors is reporting that tonight's financial results from Apple aren't going to contain a whole lot of crunchy iPhone goodness. The news is based on a Bloomberg report that points out that Apple's last quarter ended before the iPhone 2.0 software update was available, Apple doesn't count those sales towards revenue. Likely if they had, they might have had to go all Sarbanes-Oxley on us and charge for that update. That might be fine for iPod owners, but iPhone owners have had enough of hidden costs lately.

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iPhone Helps O2 to Best-Ever Quarter

Based on O2's last quarter earnings report, the iPhone is not only O2's fastest selling device, is not only setting new records for customer satisfaction, but helped contribute towards a 9.5% increase for the last quarter 2007.

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