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Job Listing: iPhone Security Engineer aka iPhone Hacker

So a new employment opportunity popped up at Apple's job listings the other day and Apple is looking for an experienced iPhone Security Engineer to create "proof of concept" attacks on current security mechanisms and provide risk analysis of potential security threats. Basically, Apple needs an iPhone Hacker to prevent future jailbreaks, unlocks, and security breaches.

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iPhone Pwnage Tool Available for Mac, Windows Coming

We haven't covered the latest in the hacking front here at Phone different for a few reasons:

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New iPhone / iTunes Software Roundup

So, iTunes 7.5 is out, along with iPhone firmware version 1.1.2. The new iTunes has been out almost a week, and the iPhone software has been available since Friday. How far along have hackers come?

Well, in iTunes 7.5, free ringtones are back. It turns out that you can do the old trick of renaming an AAC music file to turn it into a ringtone. To get it to work, take any 30 second m4a file in finder, rename the extension to be m4r, and drag it in to iTunes. Voila!

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Filesharing for iPhone and iPod Touch

Jailbroken iPhone at Apple Store

Someone has snapped a picture of the iPhone with the 3rd party application installer.app icon at an Apple store. It's kinda funny, it really hits home that jailbreaking right now and installing 3rd party apps is as simple as pointing an iPhone at jailbreakme.com.

In other news, February is just 91 days away.

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Instant 3rd Party Apps for iPhone 1.1.1

There's now an instant method to get third party apps on your iPhone (firmware 1.1.1 only). The same methond works on iPod Touch. I have to say, this is by far the easiest method of hacking the iPhone that I've ever seen. This method, which relies on the iPhone TIFF vulnerability, is also incredibly simple to use; much more so than the previous AppTapp installer method for iPhone 1.0. Since it relies on a buffer overflow, I expect this method to stop working as soon as Firmware 1.1.2 is released, which could be any day now.

All you have to do is point your iPhone browser at jailbreakme.com, confirm the wish to jailbreak, read some stuff, scroll down, select 'Install AppSnapp', wait for Safari to quit, and wait. Your iPhone or iPod Touch should restart automatically, and when it's all done, you'll have Installer.app ready and willing for you to install 3rd party apps!

This method of installing 3rd party apps doesn't require any computer software, you just have to go to the website on your iPhone browser and follow the instructions. Again, the site makes efficacious use of the TIFF exploit that's been talked about before, so if using a security vulnerability to install software freaks you out, don't go to the site I've posted after the cut.

Conversely, f you think that using a buffer overflow to install software is awesome, 31337, or k-rad, there's a link for you and your iPhone after the break.

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Hacking iPhones: Big Update to Installer.app

If you've been hacking your iPhone to get 3rd party apps with firmware 1.1.1, there's now a big reward. Installer.app has been updated, and some long-needed changes have been made. First, instead of browsing the entire collection in one huge list, you now select a category, and then browse a smaller list. Under the previous system, as the list of 3rd party apps got longer and longer, the interface for finding and installing a program became more cumbersome. With the new system, the category splitting should make finding and installing apps a lot simpler to use. Also, it should do a great job of hiding dictionaries, theme packs, etc. into their own subcategories. If you've hacked your iPhone, this should appear as an update.

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iPhone Developer Documentation

Erica Sadun, iPhone hacker extraordinaire and writer at The Unofficial Apple Weblog, has documented the entire set of Cocoa function calls required to program for the iPhone. These header files are used for programmers to properly create user interfaces, network code, and, well, pretty much everything. And the documentation effort is a massive job, usually not something to be done by just one person. I know that this site can get kind of wonky here and there, so I'll do my best to explain why this is important, but for everybody.

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