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How to customize reading options in Kindle for iPhone and iPad

Did you know you can change the font style in the Kindle app?

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How to purchase and download books with Kindle for iPhone and iPad

Take your entire library of Amazon ebooks with you wherever you go.

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Amazon's Matchbook service gives you cheap/free Kindle copies of print books

Amazon on Tuesday launched Matchbook, a new benefit for Amazon customers that provides you with access to inexpensive (or free) Kindle versions of print-edition books you've bought through Amazon. The service is launching with 70,000 titles, and works with your back catalog of past Amazon purchases, all the way back to 1995. Matchbook-qualifying titles are available for download for $2.99 or less.

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Kindle for iOS update adds Kindle store search

The Kindle app for iPhone and iPad has been updated, adding the option of searching the Kindle store. Previously, users could only search their own library of books, but using the search function of the app will now also return books in the Kindle store that have free samples available.

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How to download and read iBooks and Kindle eBooks on your new iPad

Now that you've got your new iPad you'll definitely want to check out how awesome it is to read books on the gorgeous new retina display. Text looks better than ever and reading on an iPad has never been more enjoyable. Whether you want to use Apple's own iBooks service, Amazon's Kindle powerhouse, or something different, we've got you covered.

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! Podcast # 8! -- Kindled!

Last night's iPhone Live! was pretty darn good -- so good, in fact, that it created a cross-border, pan-dimensional bug that kept us from recording the first 20 minutes properly. We recapped it a bit, but those who it hit it up live got a special treat. Rest assured, though, we have more than enough to talk about with the new Kindle iPhone App, what it means for Apple, Amazon, and when it might go international - so if you missed iPhone Live!, go ahead and check out this here podcast.

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