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Amazon Kindle Fire -- Android software meets PlayBook hardware meets iPad content?

Rumor has it word that Amazon's rumored 7-inch tablet will be known as the "Kindle Fire", and in addition to a forked version of Android software, it might also be using a reduced cost version of the BlackBerry PlayBook hardware.

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iPad Live 72: Chock full of win

Georgia, Seth, and Rene talk Apple's new Learn commercial, competitors still struggling, Amazon's rumored Android Kindle tablet, iOS 5 beta 7, Eddy Cue, Netflix without Starz, Facebook for iPad, and more. This is iPad Live!

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Amazon's iPad competitor is a 7-inch Android-forking Kindle tablet... for $250?

M.G. Siegler from TechCrunch claims he's gone hands-on with the future of iPad competition, and the future of Amazon's Kindle line -- a 7-inch full color, touchscreen tablet built on an Android core but entirely Amazon at the interface level. All for $250. If you think it sounds like the Nook Color, you're not wrong, it just trades the B&N brick-and-mortar shelves for Amazon's hugely popular homepage.

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Amazon announces Kindle Cloud Reader web app for iPad, Mac, Windows

Amazon just let us know that their Kindle Cloud Reader is now live, and lets you read any of their over 950,000 Kindle books right in Safari on iPad, Mac, or Windows, or Chrome on Windows, Mac, or Linux, without needing the Kindle app or hardware.

“We are excited to take this leap forward in our ‘Buy Once, Read Everywhere’ mission and help customers access their library instantly from anywhere,” said Dorothy Nicholls, Director, Amazon Kindle. “We have written the application from the ground up in HTML5, so that customers can also access their content offline directly from their browser. The flexibility of HTML5 allows us to build one application that automatically adapts to the platform you’re using – from Chrome to iOS. To make it easy and seamless to discover new books, we’ve added an integrated, touch optimized store directly into Cloud Reader, allowing customers one click access to a vast selection of books.”

While there's no iPhone or iPod touch (it tells you your browser isn't supported and you should download Safari or Chrome, though hopefully a better intercept screen is in the works), it's a full HTML5 web app and includes offline storage. I've tried it out on iPad and it works quickly and cleanly. The Kindle Store is built in, so there's no jarring transition to the version of the store, and all the menus and options work really well. Likewise, the text is just a legible as it is in the app, and the WhisperSync works perfectly. Hopefully it keeps up that level of performance when personal libraries get really big.

With the controversy that arose in the wake of Apple's App Store subscription service, and the requirements to match pricing (since dropped) and remove links to external stores (still in effect), it felt like only a matter of time before Amazon would go this route. It will be interesting to see how many others follow.

Details and screen shots after the break. Anyone going to stop using the app and switch to the web app?


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Amazon updates Kindle app, adds support for newspapers and magazines with high resolution images [Updated: Nook and Google Books too]

Amazon has released an update to its Kindle app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The update removes the Kindle Store button from the app to meet Apple’s terms and conditions. What is more interesting is that you can now read over 100 newspapers and magazines with high resolution color images.

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New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Friday, April 22

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

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Apple iPad crushing competition in consumer demand and customer satisfaction ratings

Despite growing competition as new tablets begin to enter the market, Apple's iPad is still king when it comes to consumer demand and customer satisfaction according to a recent ChangeWave survey.

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Kindle for iPhone, iPad updated with more reader-friendly features

Amazon has updated its Kindle app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and added in a few really nice features like real page numbering, percentage read, and Google and Wikipedia lookup.

Kindle now provides real page numbers to books from the Kindle Store. This basically means that Kindle books will mirror the print versions page numbers. This may not sound like a big deal but if you are reading in a group or in class it is very important . Also you can now see how far you have read as a percentage whilst reading the book and the app home screen now shows your progress in a list view.

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Apple responds on Sony Reader rejection: "We have not changed our guidelines"

Apple has responded to news this morning about rejecting the Sony Reader app from the App Store for not using Apple's in-app purchase system, which could have a broader impact on other apps like Kindle, Netflix and Hulu+. All Things Digital spoke with Apple Spokesperson Trudy Miller who stated the following about Apple's recent move:

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