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Judge denies that "electronic presence" via texting is enough to hold woman accountable for motor vehicle accident

A woman who repeatedly texted her boyfriend, while she knew he was driving, and who ultimately crossed traffic and crashed into motorcyclists, cannot be added to a civil lawsuit according to a Superior Court judge in Morristown, New Jersey.

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Australia Parliament investigating why Apple's digital goods cost more down under

The standing committee on infrastructure and communications in the Australian House of Representatives will be launching an investigation into why digital goods (such as iTunes music and iBooks) are priced so much more highly in Australia than elsewhere in the world. Traditionally, shipping costs drove prices up for physical goods, but for electronic files you're downloading, there's really no good reason for such a price disparity.

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Fair Labor Association reports Foxconn isn't complying Chinese labor laws

The Fair Labor Association has just wrapped up its independent audit commissioned by Apple of the working conditions at Foxconn. After interviewing over 35,000 workers from three different factories, the FLA said their "nearly month-long investigation revealed serious and pressing noncompliances with FLA’s Workplace Code of Conduct, as well as Chinese labor law."

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Bumperless iPhone 4 owners can now apply to get $15 from antennagate settlement

Last month, Apple finally concluded the class-action lawsuit surrounding the iPhone 4's reception issues, and today those affected can now start the process of cashing in.

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XRY security software extracts iPhone lock code really, really easily

Sweden-based Micro Systemation recently demonstrated on video just how easily their desktop software for military and law enforcement can crack into an iPhone. With a few quick reboots, XRY can not only dig out the phone's unlock code, but can also personal data, GPS locations, messages, and a log of keystrokes.

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AT&T rumored to be offering settlement to unlimited, throttled iPhone user

AT&T is reportedly offering a settlement to the individual who recently won a court case against them for the throttling his data service to an unlimited data plan a settlement.

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DMCA jailbreak exemption set to expire, EFF asks for your help to get it renewed and expanded

The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) is asking for your help to tell the U.S. Copyright Office that jailbreaking does not violate the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), and its exemption should be continued and expanded.

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Dutch court rules against Apple's Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 complaint

The Court of the Hague, in the Netherlands, has denied an appeal from Apple to place an injunction on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales on grounds of design patent infringement.

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iPhones Causing Mistrials? Google, Twitter, and Wikipedia Out of Order?

The New York Times (via TUAW) is reporting that the iPhone is literally causing mistrials now. Howsat?

It might be called a Google mistrial. The use of BlackBerrys and iPhones by jurors gathering and sending out information about cases is wreaking havoc on trials around the country, upending deliberations and infuriating judges.

Others were, apparently, Twittering updates during trial, or looking up information in Wikipedia [citation needed...]

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