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Apple files suit against Swatch over 'Tick different' marketing slogan

Apple has filed a lawsuit against Swatch over it's "Tick different" marketing slogan, used to promote Swatch's NFC-enabled Bellamy watch.

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Class-action lawsuit filed against Apple over 'Error 53' failed iPhone security checks

A law firm based in Seattle has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple over the "Error 53" issue.

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Judge dismisses lawsuit accusing Apple of blocking texts to Android phones

A lawsuit against Apple over issues with undelivered text messages has been dismissed. The suit had previously alleged that Apple's difficulties in delivering text messages to those who had switched from iPhone to Android were a violation of the Federal Wiretap Act.

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Apple and Nike reach settlement terms on Fuelband Class Action Suit

Apple and Nike have reached settlement terms on the Class Action Suit regarding the Fuelband. Neither company admitted any fault, but both have agreed to pay consumers $15 cash or a $25 gift card to avoid further complications.

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Federal judge throws out $532.9 million infringement verdict against Apple, orders new damages trial

A federal judge has voided a $532.9 million ruling against Apple in a patent infringement case. The judge felt that the jury that had awarded the damages had been given confusing instructions. A new damages trial has been set for September.

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Apple facing lawsuit over artwork featured in 'Start something new' promotion

Apple is being sued because of artwork featured as part of its "Start something new" campaign.

Artist Romero Britto is claiming in his suit that artistic duo Craig & Karl violated his trade dress in their artwork by copying his particular artistic style. Britto's lawsuit, targets not only Craig & Karl, but Apple as well, due to the company's use of a piece by the duo in their "Start something new" campaign.

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ITC to investigate Apple in patent licensing dispute with Ericsson

The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has decided to investigate Apple over a patent licensing dispute with Ericsson.

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U.S. jury clears Apple of alleged patent infringement charges in $100 million lawsuit

Apple was cleared of all charges in a $100 million lawsuit from a Canadian firm that alleged that the manufacturer used five of its wireless technology patents without permission.

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Apple and Ericsson sue each other over wireless patent licensing

Apple has gotten involved in yet another lawsuit. This time, its with Ericsson, which the company claims is demanding "excessive royalties" for the patents it holds for LTE wireless technology.

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Apple faces lawsuit over the impact of iOS 8 on device storage space

Apple is facing a new class-action lawsuit in California, this time from users unhappy about how much storage space iOS 8 takes up on their devices. Their complaint focuses not only on newer iOS devices like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but older devices as well.

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