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Proview Technology sues Apple over iPad name, iPad sales in China

Although we were under the impression that Apple had locked down the trademark rights to the iPad name long ago, but apparently the folks at Proview Technology in Shenzhen have a prior claim that they're clinging to.

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How Apple is defending against Samsung and Motorola's unfair, unreasonable, discriminatory patent attacks

Apple is increasingly playing defense against lawsuits from Samsung and Motorola that seek to take iPhones and iPads off the shelves and out of stores. Apple is trying to do the same to their competitors, of course, but there's a subtle difference -- Samsung and Motorola are suing Apple over FRAND (Fair, Reasonable, And Non-Discriminatory) patents and are apparently seeking licensing that's anything but fair and reasonable, and may in fact be discriminatory.

FRAND patents are typically typically pledged as part of a standard, which makes them essential to a technology, the organizations that govern those standards require them to be equitably licensed back to everyone. That's the whole point of having standards. If you want your invention to become a standard, you let it be used as a standard.

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Apple strikes second win against Samsung 3G lawsuit

Apple has successfully defended the second UMTS (3G) lawsuits from Samsung in Germany today, though the battle's far from over.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus not part of Apple's slide-to-unlock patent complaint after all

Apple had recently flung a slide-to-unlock patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung in Germany, but one very important Android phone was never on the list of complaints: the Galaxy Nexus.

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Apple defends against 3G Samsung patent claim in Germany, fires back with slide-to-unlock lawsuit

Samsung was hoping to nail Apple for infringement on a handful of 3G patents in Germany, but a judge has already tossed one of them out the window.

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KO Gadget issued cease and desist order from Apple

KO Gadget posted up on their Facebook page this morning that they have received a cease and desist order from Apple over their glowing light mods.

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Apple sues Samsung over iPhone and iPad case infringements

According to BusinessWeek, Apple has apparently issued a notice of complaint against Samsung for patent infrignements tied to the cases Samsung uses on their tablet and smartphone devices.

Apple issued the notice of infringement to Samsung in Australia over the cases, and will file a statement of claim, Apple’s lawyer Stephen Burley said at a hearing in Sydney today. Samsung’s lawyer Katrina Howard said at the same hearing the company was served with the notice that the cases infringe at least 10 patents.

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Apple denied injunction in the U.S., licensed patent to Nokia and IBM, fighting FRAND with Motoro

<img src="/sites/" alt=Apple denied injunction in the U.S., making FRAND case in Germany" title="Apple denied injunction in the U.S., making FRAND case in Germany" width="550" height="385" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-84966" />

We haven't really been keeping up with all the myriad legal maneuverings in the ongoing -- and going, and going -- legal disputes between Apple and accused "copyist" Samsung, as well as other Android manufacturers like Motorola, but there have been some injunctions granted, refused, overturned, and asked for review. If you're thinking there's just too much of this stuff and no one cares who's not a lawyer on one of their payroll, well, fair enough. Here are the highlights/lowlights.

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Dutch courts reject Samsung's request to ban 3G Apple products

Samsung's request to ban 3G Apple products was turned down by Dutch courts on Friday. We pretty much figured this would be the outcome considering 3G technology is covered by FRAND as an essential standards technology. Samsung can't refuse a license to Apple.

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Samsung settles with Microsoft, offers Apple a deal

What a difference a week makes. Last we heard Samsung sounded like they had only just begun to fight, now they've signed an agreement to cross-license and pay Microsoft a fee for every Android device they've sold, but according to the Wall Street Journal, they've also offered an olive branch to Apple as well.

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