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Apple may not need to pay $533 million patent judgement

Apple may not need to pay $533 million to Smartflash over supposed patent violations, as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has invalidated two of the relevant patents, following the previous invalidation of the third.

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Biometrics firm accuses Apple of stealing heart rate tech for Apple Watch

Biometrics firm Valencell has filed suit against Apple, alleging that the company used deceptive practices to obtain information on its heart rate sensor technology before implementing it in the Apple Watch.

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Apple moves to dismiss lawsuit with battery manufacturer over employee poaching

According to a court filing today, Apple has moved to have an employee poaching lawsuit with battery manufacturer A123 Systems dismissed.

This comes just a week after it was reported that Apple was exploring a settlement with A123 after the battery manufacturer accused the tech giant of poaching several of its key engineers.

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Apple exploring settlement with battery manufacturer in employee poaching suit

According to a new court filing, Apple appears to be exploring a potential settlement with A123 Systems after the battery manufacturer filed suit against the tech giant for allegedly poaching its employees.

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Lawsuit claims Apple poached engineers from battery manufacturer A123 Systems

Apple is currently facing yet another lawsuit involving accusations of employee poaching. A recent filing from A123 Systems, a battery manufacturer, claims that Apple poached several engineers from the company for its new battery division, violating agreements set forth in their employment contracts in the process.

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Apple reaches settlement in class action suit over wage suppression [updated]

Update: Reuters has just reported that the final amount of the settlement is $415 million.

Original Story: Apple, along with several other tech companies, has reached a settlement deal today in a class action suit concerning anti-poaching policies that may have suppressed wages among tech workers in Silicon Valley.

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Apple scores victory in lawsuit over defective MacBook logic boards

Apple has scored another legal victory today, this time in a case concerning defective logic boards in MacBooks sold since May of 2010. The case was dismissed on grounds that plaintiffs weren't able to prove that the logic boards used were "unfit for their ordinary purpose."

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Monster claims Beats hid its role in headphone production, files suit

Though it seems like the myriad of lawsuits involving Apple have died down a bit, it looks like the Apple-owned Beats is about to be embroiled in another. Tech company Monster has decided to file a suit over accusations that Beats co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine failed to properly acknowledge Monster's role in designing the technology behind Beats headphones.

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Judge dismisses Apple employee labor suit over time spent in security checks

It looks like Apple employees engaged in a potential lawsuit against the tech giant will have to go back to the drawing board. The case, in which Apple employees alleged that they lost wages while being forced to endure long, mandatory security checks, was thrown out by U.S. District Court Judge William Alsop.

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Class action suit filed against Apple for 2011 MacBook Pro GPU defects

Washington DC-based law firm Whitfield, Bryson & Mason announced that it had filed a class action lawsuit against Apple over widespread graphical issues encountered on 2011 MacBook Pros with AMD GPUs.

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