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Samsung says Apple sent letters to carriers and retailers demanding they stop selling Galaxy phones and tablets

ollowing the injunction Apple won against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus, Samsung claims Apple sent letters to carriers and retailers demanding they stop selling the enjoined products. According to FOSS Patents, the letters went out on June 28 and July 7 respectively.

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Get angry at Apple over Galaxy Nexus ban, but get angrier at Google

In case you haven't been keeping up with World War Patents, Apple has successfully gotten the U.S. courts to impose an import ban on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, and you can no longer buy it online, and stores likely can no longer stock it once U.S. supplies dry up. Google is apparently working on a software update to remove the parts of their search interface that infringe on Apple's Siri patents, but a better remedy might just have been to leave it on the shelves, allow the update, and up the damages owed Apple. That way Google pays, not consumers.

Now many Android enthusiasts are absolutely livid at Apple over this ban They claim Apple is litigating instead of innovating. Unfortunately, Apple is doing both. Either way, that conveniently sidesteps something incredibly important.

A lot of Android's problems are Google's fault.

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Apple vs. Motorola thrown out of court

U.S. federal court judge Richard Posner followed up his earlier, tentative dismissal of the Apple vs. Motorola patent suit with a full on "get off my lawn" dismissal of the entire case.

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Speech app pulled from App Store that gave 4 year old a voice for the first time

The speech recognition app Speak For Yourself for iPad has given 4 year old Maya Nieder a voice of her own for the first time. Due to a lawsuit concerning several patents, the app has been pulled from the App Store. Her parents worry if the app is removed remotely they may lose their new found communication channel with their daughter.

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Apple patents get ripped off, other people's patents don't get fairly licensed

As the head of a publicly traded company -- THE most publicly traded company -- when asked on the D10 Conference stage about ongoing patent litigation, Apple's Tim Cook went straight into CEO mode.

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New Jersey considering lawsuit against woman who texted her boyfriend prior to motor vehicle accident

A Superior Court judge in Morristown, New Jersey is considering whether or not a woman who knowingly texted her boyfriend, while he was driving, and who ultimately crashed into a couple on a motorcycle, can be held responsible in civil court.

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On the eve of settlement talks, Samsung talks settlement with Apple

With court-madated settlement talks between Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Choi Gee-Sung scheduled to begin tomorrow, Samsung Mobile's JK Shin took a moment to discuss the potential for resolution. According to Reuters:

"There is still a big gap in the patent war with Apple but we still have several negotiation options including cross-licensing," Shin told reporters at Seoul airport shortly before his departure for the United States.

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Tim Cook tells competitors to invent their own stuff -- Apple is not the world's developer

Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked during Apple's Q2 2012 conference call how he felt about ongoing patent litigation, and whether he might be more open to a settlement or resolution than his predecessor, Steve Jobs might have been. Cooks answer was pretty much the same now as it was before he became CEO -- he doesn't like litigation, but he also doesn't like other companies using what he feels are Apple innovations to sell competing products.

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German court bars Motorola from enforcing potentially FRAND-abusing patents against Apple

A German appeals court has issues a temporary ruling that prevents Motorola (currently in the process of being acquired by Google) from enforcing a ban on Apple iPhones and iPads based on what may be FRAND-absuing terms.

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Motorola seeks an injunction against the iPhone 4S and iCloud

Motorola has filed an injunction against Apple, claiming the iPhone 4S and iCloud infringe on six different patents. The six patents included in the suit are:

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