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Screens VNC client for iPad, iPhone now in App Store

Screens from Edovia is a new, gorgeously designed, super simple VNC client that brings your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. I had the good fortune to test drive it through the beta cycle and it really is the closest thing to a Back to my Mac-style, "it just works" experience on iOS. Features include:

  • Universal - Screens will run on both iPhone and iPad - one app for both devices.
  • Easy to Use - Screens is the easiest, most user friendly VNC client for iOS.
  • Secure - Screens can connect to your computer through a SSH Tunnel so your session is encrypted and safe.
  • Pull-to-Dock - Your Dock is hidden? No problem! Screens can make it appear with a simple flick!
  • Multi-Touch - Screens supports many multi-touch features your already use on your trackpad.
  • Screens Connect - Make your computer available from anywhere. Easy as flicking a switch! No messy router setup. (Requires OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard)

It's on introductory sale right now so if you act fast, you can save $10 off the regular price.

Screenshots after the break. If you want to run your desktop -- or server room -- from your lounge chair, and do it in pixel-perfect style, check out Screens. And after you do, come back and tell me what you think.

[$14.99 on sale - iTunes link]

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Unofficial iPhone and iPod touch Sync Coming to Linux

While Apple made a Windows version of iTunes years ago, they still haven't seen fit to roll out any official syncing solution for our Linx friends. That leaves unofficial solutions, which according to Marcan's Abort, Retry, Hack? blog, are finally on their way:

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3 Ways to (Try and) Get the iPhone to Work with Linux

[I've mentioned about my crazy Ubuntu using IT friend Anthony Casella a few times before. Several months ago he made the switch from Treo to the iPhone 3G and -- surprise surprise -- he's loving it! Well, almost all of it. Problem is, Apple doesn't make an iTunes for Linux. So what's an open source geek to do? Tinker, of course! Here's Antony's first article on (trying to) use the iPhone with Linux. Are you trying to do the same? If so, let us know what you're doing in the comments! - Rene]

It's a fabulously well-known fact that Apple has no interest in bringing support for it's highly popular iPhone to Linux. Perhaps I can go as far as to say is that Linux is to Apple as curd is to eyeball. None the less I have an affinity for the iPhone in spite of the abhorrent treatment I receive being a Linux user. Here are a few ways that you can try to live with this Shakespeareanesque tragedy until such time that Apple sees the error in its ways (ya, right)... after the jump!

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Linux Kernel Running on the iPhone

Remember that story about the iPhone almost having run Linux as its OS? Well, some enterprising young hackers have now gotten it doing just that -- the Linux Kernel at least, via tether.

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The iPhone Almost Ran... Linux?!

Daring Fireball has been digging into the saga of Tony Fadell, the "Father of the iPod" who's left Apple, potentially to be replaced by Mark Papermaster (if they can get around IBM's lawyers, that is).

What's been turned up?

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Round Robin: Palm OS, The King is Dead

After a week of using the Treo 680, I have to say that it's pretty much the same as I remember it. I used the 680 as my primary phone for about half a year, and I've reviewed it twice already. I won't claim to be the most knowledgeable 680 user out there; that honor would certainly be bestowed to many, many users in our forum before I would even enter consideration for it. I've had a lot to say about Palm OS, generally favorable I suppose, but there are caveats. I've said as much in the TreoCentral TreoCast, but I've never had an opportunity like this one to really distill thirty podcasts and a few dozen hours of listening into a manifesto of what's good and what's bad about Palm OS, and what I really think about their Linux venture, and why Palm is on their current path.

When I say the King is dead, I don't mean that the 680 is a bad device, or that there's no reason to use Palm OS, or that anyone that uses it is dumb. Far from it, I think the 680 is pretty high up on my list. It's still a good phone. If I thought Palm OS was dumb or not relevant, I wouldn't do the TreoCentral TreoCast. It boils down to two things with Palm OS: the hardware and the software. The hardware will see updates. There will probably be more Palm OS GSM phones to come out. Better cameras, 3G, smaller form factors, the whole shebang. When it comes out, it will probably be a compelling upgrade for Palm OS users. But I don't think we'll see a significant software update for Palm OS in the next two years. While some may accuse that it's unfair to say "the king is dead" alluding to Palm OS, it's not accurate to say the king is alive, either. But still, there are always these persistent rumors about faked deaths and random sightings...

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CEOs Fiddle

There have been a lot of snarky comments about Apple in the press lately, usually from big media companies or other smartphone competitors. There are so many CEOs fiddling while Apple burns down their little walled cities, there's enough of them for an orchestra. Or at least a hoedown.

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Google Phone: Android

Google has announced Android, an open source Linux operating system designed to be very customizable by programmers. This isn't the GPhone, the long-rumored Google Phone. Google is not making any of the actual phones, just the software. Android joins the ranks of myriad Linux development attempts: the new pro-sumer Palm OS, Access Linux Platform, Trolltech's QTopia, OpenMoko, and others in Asia that are unknown to me.

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