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Sony's ForwardWorks will build mobile games from PlayStation franchises

Sony has announced it will launch a new company, ForwardWorks Corporation. It will be in charge of making smartphone games that will use Sony's many PlayStation franchises.

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PlayStation Messages lets you chat with your PSN friends with ease

Sony has broken out PlayStation Messages into a standalone app, giving you the ability to quickly communicate with your friends on the PlayStation Network.

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Sony updates PlayStation App with new home screen, better friend interaction

Sony has updated the PlayStation App, adding a new home screen, and proper iPad support. Some other enhancements have been made to finding new friends to play with.

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Sony launches Playstation companion app for PlayStation 4

Sony has released its companion app for the PlayStation 4, just two days before the release of the console in North America. The app keeps you connected to your PS4, as well as your PlayStation Network games and friends.

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Sony shows off PS4 second screen app, use your phone as a game controller

Over at the Tokyo Games Show, Sony has been showing off its new second screen PS4 companion app. The app, while demonstrated on a Sony Xperia Z1 – not surprisingly – will be coming to iOS as well as Android to offer an integrated experience between your smartphone and your shiny new PS4 when it arrives later this year.

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Why the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and AirPlay are killing dedicated gaming devices

The intersection of people who love mobile and who love gaming is significant enough to have generated a ton of commentary surrounding the idea that traditional, dedicated gaming devices will be cannibalized by the likes of the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and AirPlay. Horace Dediu had a couple of interesting posts on the subject this weekend. In Third to a Billion, which included the above graphic, Dediu plots which platforms have reached a billion users and how long it took each to do so. From Asymco:

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Sony PlayStation All-Stars Island takes to the Infinite Skies with latest update

Sony had pushed out the first update to their PlayStation All-Stars Island game for iOS adding a whole new game mode, Gravity Rush: Infinite Skies. The free game was released a few weeks ago as a collaboration with Coca-Cola and initially featured an endless runner starring Drake from the Uncharted series of games.

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Official Sony PlayStation 4 second screen app coming to iPhone and iPad

Sony held a press conference yesterday to announce its upcoming next generation PlayStation 4 console. One of the additional things that Sony also announced was a new app that would allow an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to be used as a second screen device with the PS4 console.

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PlayStation official app now available in Europe

The PlayStation official app is now available in the App Store. Before you get too excited though, the app does not let you play any games and seems to be available just in Europe.

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PlayStation Phone... is an Android app?!

Engadget continues to rake in scoop after scoop on the "PlayStation Phone", which I deliberately place in quotes because it looks like what should be the PSPhone, the next technological marvel from the company that once brought us Walkman, is actually... an Android app.

No, that's not a joke. The PSPhone or PlayStation Phone or Zeus or whatever Sony ends up calling what should be their premiere mobile device runs on top of Google's Android platform. Android 3.0 Gingerbread to be precise.

That's awesome for a whole lot of reasons. It's a huge boost for Google and fantastic news for Android enthusiasts who want great gaming on the platform. (At least for those who are willing to use Sony Ericsson's version of it.) It's great for Apple iPhone lovers because strong competition breeds a better market for everyone. Who knows, maybe someday they'll even make a PlayStation app for iOS too. (I don't think they will but that won't stop me from dreaming about God of War and Grand Turismo on my iPad...)

It might even be great for Sony in the sense that it avoids them having to write a telephony stack and Smartphone OS from scratch, something they've never seriously undertaken on their own (they've previously used Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian). It probably gets them to market faster, especially considering how slow to market they've been. (The iPhone was released in 2007, the App Store in 2008, and the PSPhone won't hit until 2011. That's positively glacier in modern terms).

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