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Scott Forstall reveals why Apple made the iPhone

Don't miss this. Seriously.

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Scott Forstall and early iPhone engineers to speak at Computer History Museum

10 years after the launch of the original iPhone, and almost five years after leaving Apple, Scott Forstall is sitting down to talk about the creation of one of the most culturally significant objects of our time — the iPhone.

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Former iOS chief Scott Forstall talks Broadway and his feelings on Apple in new interview

Apple's former iOS chief Scott Forstall talks about producing the new Broadway musical "Fun Home" in a new interview. He also gives his first public comments on Apple since his departure from the company in 2012

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Scott Forstall, Apple's former iOS chief, producing new Broadway musical

Scott Forstall, formerly the head of iOS Software at Apple, will co-produce a new Broadway musical, Fun Home.

Forstall, who led the creation at iOS at Apple, left the company in late 2012 following an executive reshuffling, and has been fairly quiet since.

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Former head of iPod, Tony Fadell, talks about his early days at Apple, his feelings about Scott Forstall, and the future

Tony Fadell, former head of iPod at Apple, recently did an interview about his new product, the Nest thermostat, but also touched on the challenges of bringing the original iPod to market. The interviewer, Leo Kelion, pushed Fadell hard on his feelings about recently ousted senior vice-president of iOS, Scott Forstall](, which whom Fadell is rumored not have gotten along, and about how Apple will fare now, sans-Forstall.

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iMore show 324: Reorganized

Rene Ritchie and Ryan Block of GDGT talk Apple's recent management re-organization, the future of Forstall, the iPad mini launch and where Apple goes from here, and the LTE compromise in the new Nexus 4. This is an iMore show special edition.

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Iterate 32: The future of Apple design

Marc, Dave, and Rene talk Scott Forstall's departure from Apple and Jonathan Ive's new roll as head of Human Interface, and what it means for OS X and iOS, and for Apple's influence on interface design in general. Also, some talk on Apple TV, iPad 4, and what comes next.

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Multitude of reports allege SVP of iOS, Scott Forstall, was asked to leave Apple

Now that Apple has announced that senior-vice-president of iOS, Scott Forstall was leaving the company, amid storms and market-closings, various additional information is surfacing on the story, at least from Apple's perspective. Namely, it's now being claimed that Forstall was fired.

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Apple announces departure of SVP of iOS, Scott Forstall and SVP of retail, John Browett

Apple announced today that Scott Forstall, senior vice-president of iOS, and John Browett, recent SVP of retail, are leaving the company. Forstall, who came to Apple from NeXT when Steve Jobs returned to the company, will stay on until next year as an advisor to Tim Cook. John Browett sounds like he's leaving far more immediately. Jony Ive, Eddy Cue, Craig Federighi, and Bob Manfield will be divvying up a lot of their duties.

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It's not about HTML5 or skeuomorphism, it's about usability

There were a couple of interesting comments on user interface today, one coming from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, who acknowledged they bet wrong on HTML5, and the other from unnamed sources who suggest Apple is deeply split along Scot Forstall vs Jonathan Ive lines when it comes to skeuomorphic vs more digitally authentic design.

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