Apple car version code names

A new report from the Silicon Business Journal reveals Apple silently purchasing numerous buildings in Sunnyvale, California that could be tied to the initiative codenamed Project Titan. What's more is the company is apparently naming these buildings after Greek mythology.

One of the larger buildings is reportedly named Rhea and is said to be the brick and mortar that has a high level of both security and noise. Documents filed with Sunnyvale reveal areas including a lube bay, tire changer, and wheel balancer which all seemingly slot together comfortably with Project Titan. As 9to5Mac points out:

"Additionally, there's a building codenamed Medusa that's a for manufacturing facility in Sunnyvale. The plans for this building show areas dedicated to a vision lab and eye tracking. Next is a building called Magnolia. This facility was previously owned by FedEx and is said to include something called a regenerative thermal oxidizer, which is a machine used in manufacturing and can reduce pollution."

Even with more information seeping out about potential vehicle development, it's all still speculative and we're really not any closer to working out exactly what the company is working on, nor do we have a rough idea as to what the result of Project Titan will be. That said, we're pretty stoked to be one step closer to learning about how Apple plans to enter the electric car market.

Rich Edmonds