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Stocks App: The Ultimate Guide

How do you check the stocks and markets most important to you, right on your iPhone? With the built-in Stocks app and Siri, of course

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How to use Stocks with Siri

Why tap around for stock information when Siri can tell you everything you need to know?

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How to check stocks on your Apple Watch

If you want up-to-date information about your stocks available at a glance, your Apple Watch is the perfect courier.

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How to set the default weather, stock, and world clock for your Apple Watch

Can't find how to set your default weather, stock, or world clock on Apple Watch? Here's how!

The Apple Watch can show a lot of really nifty pieces of information on its clock face, which is great for seeing important data at a glance. But when it comes to setting your weather, stock, and default world clock to show on the watch face, it can be hard to figure out how — and where — to do it. Here's the easiest way to make sure the data you want is showing up on your Apple Watch.

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How to check stocks and exchanges using Siri

Siri can't be your financial advisor or broker – yet! – but Siri can look up stock prices and exchange positions for you. Whether you want to find out what's happening with APPL or GOOG, or if the DOW or NASDAQ is up or down, Siri's got you covered!

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Facebook rumored to be readying $5 billion IPO

Facebook, the massive social network that counts one of the most popular iPhone apps of all time in their portfolio, is rumored to be readying a $5 billion IPO (initial public offering). Yes, Zuckerberg and co. might finally be ready to hit the stock market. The New York Times reports:

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Daily Tip: How to configure the iPhone's Weather and Stock widgets in Notification Center

Curious how to setup notifications in iOS 5? With all the various banners and popups, badges and sounds, widgets and lock screen options, it can be a little tricky for first-time users, but worry not -- we have you covered! First up, here's how the new Weather and Stock widgets work!

Stock widget

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How do you keep track of stocks on your iPhone?

How do you keep track of stocks on your iPhone? A Stocks app/widget was one of the original apps introduced for the iPhone 2G in 2007 and with a small upgrade in iPhone OS 3.0 last year, it still has a place on almost every iPhone home screen (even if only because Apple won't let non stockies delete it). But if you are a hardcore market watcher, a bear or a bull, a buyer or seller, is the built in Stocks app enough to get you through a trade?

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No stocks, weather, voice memos, clock, calculator, or compass on iPad? App Store to the rescue!

Unlike the iPhone 3GS, the iPad doesn't have built-in stocks, weather, voice memo, clock, calculator, or compass apps. It does, however, have the brand new iPad App Store, and yeah... there are apps for all that!

Check out our picks after the break!

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iPad Stocks, Calculator, Weather, Clock, Voice Memo Apps Scrapped by Steve Jobs

Why are there no Clock, Calculator, Voice Memo, Weather, or Stocks apps on the iPad?

Daring Fireball's John Gruber suggests that bigger, iPad versions of the built-in iPhone Stocks, Calculator, Weather, Clock and Voice Memo were scrapped by Steve Jobs:

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