Task for iPhone and iPad review: To-do list creation that's easy, fun, and beautiful

Task for iPhone and iPad was recently updated to version 2.0. For those who enjoy Clear either for iOS or Mac, Task is very similar but uses a little bit different of an organization scheme. Instead of hierarchies and levels like Clear, Task takes a simpler approach and just organizes reminders by date. Didn't finish one? That's okay, Task can automatically just move it to tomorrow for you.

To start using Task, just tap anywhere on the screen to create your first reminder. You can choose to just quickly enter items without due dates and times or you can add them. Pulling down on the day will reveal a time selection screen that lets you set a time you'd like to be reminded to do something. Pulling upwards on that will reveal another level which is a month view calendar. From here you can easily change the due date.

You can also choose to stamp something as important by tapping on the exclamation mark in the left hand corner above a task's title. This will bold it in your main list view. Task also allows you to choose whether or not you'd like a badge count on the app icon itself. You can enable or disable it within settings. There aren't many options aside from that for badges. If you have it on, it'll show a count for how many tasks you have left for the day. There aren't any other custom settings to choose from.

For notifications, there are a few tones to choose from in settings, the only thing I'd like to see added in that aspect are shorter tones. A lot of the options that are available are a little long for my taste.

The good

  • Nice gesture driven interface that gives quite a few options for creating tasks and managing them
  • iOS 7 like design and if that's your thing, you'll like the UI
  • Easy task management that isn't overly complicated which creates a nice balance between quick entry and too few options

The bad

  • Alert tones are rather long, which may annoy some users
  • Not many options for badge counts
  • No categories, just date driven lists

The bottom line

Task for iPhone and iPad is a great option for users that like Clear but would prefer date driven organization over categories. Much of the interface will feel very familiar.

If you currently don't use a task app and are looking for one, Task is a nice choice if you don't require a lot of detail for task lists. If that sounds like you, Task's beautiful interface and ease of use won't disappoint. It's also slightly cheaper than Clear.

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.

  • I would try some of these reminder/task apps if they could import stuff from the Native Reminders app. They're not compelling enough to transfer all that data over manually. Third-party calendar apps can import data, why can't reminder/task apps?
  • The problem for me with 3rd party calendars/to-do lists is the lack of Siri integration. That and setting alarms is pretty much the only thing I use Siri for.
  • Good point!
  • That's why I use 2Do. It just tracks everything through the iCloud reminders. I can enter stuff with Siri just fine (I just need to sync when I open the app)
  • "To-do list creation that's easy, fun, and beautiful.. and as white as you can get, like writing my tasks on a light bulb
  • You can change between several themes. The theme in the photo is not the default blue and white theme, it's just the one I preferred.
  • I wish the badge app count would be for more than today's tasks, but I understand why it shows today's tasks only. Any way to toggle between ALL and TODAY would be awesome. So far I like it.
  • When I associate a mail in a reminder on osx, i see a link "View in Mail" ... but in iOS appears only one Hash ... this problem has been fixed in ios 7? Thank you.
  • Why is "Today" at the bottom of the screen?? I want to see stuff I need to do now at the top!
  • Some explanations about the design choices: http://1button.co/blog/2Cd/task-is-a-calendar-app-while-clear-is-a-to-do...
  • About the badge:
    The badge depends on the way you want to treat the uncompleted tasks.
    Task can automatically move the tasks you have forgotten to do to today or it can display how many tasks you have missed at the bottom of the screen or it can display nothing.
    The badge will behave accordingly ;)
  • The Task app from apple is pretty good. I like its smooth design and hand interface. I sometimes use it, for little matters of everyday life. But when it comes to important appointments I prefer using my professional productivity app (Beesy). The thing is all my business stuffs (contacts, projects, to-dos, deadlines, appointments, etc.) are already in the app and since my work is the major issue in my life right now, I tend to forget to check my other apps. But it is true that sometimes, when I’m more relaxed I like to use Task for planning tasks to lighten up; it’s beautiful and soft visual is calming.