There's now a Facebook Groups app, because Facebook

First there was just Facebook, and then there was Messenger, and now there is Groups. Yep, Facebook has launched a dedicated app purely for their Groups feature, and, well, it's pretty much a different user interface for the current groups that already exist in the primary Facebook app.

Unlike with Messenger, which was forcibly extracted from the primary Facebook app, Facebook sees Groups as a compliment to the primary Facebook app. "Follow your groups here or on Facebook, whichever is easier for you," they say.

There's not much more to say about Facebook Groups. It's Facebook's Groups feature, in an app. If Facebook Groups are important to you, you can download it now for free from the App Store.

Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.