UK pricing for new iPhones out; 5c from £469, 5s from £549

The pricing is out for the new iPhones unsubsidized from Apple here in the UK, so we know what we're going to have to hand over to get one carrier free. The iPhone 5c will start at £469, with the iPhone 5s starting at £549.

You get a choice of five glorious colors for the iPhone 5c, and all are available in 16GB and 32GB versions. The 16GB will run you for £469, while 32GB will come in at £549.

If you're going for the premium experience of the iPhone 5s, the 16GB remains the base model and will cost £549. The 5s will come with three storage options; 32GB for £629 and 64GB for £709. And of course, that applies to the regular looking white and silver option, as well as the new white and gold and black and "Space Grey" color options.

Pre-orders begin on September 13. Any early thoughts on which ones you'll be getting?

Source: Apple

Richard Devine

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