UREVO 2-in-1 Treadmill review: Walk while you work or whenever

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Bottom line: Keep moving throughout your workday and beyond with this dual-purpose treadmill.


  • +

    Encourages a healthier, more active lifestyle

  • +

    Can be used under a standing desk

  • +

    Can be used independently as a regular treadmill

  • +

    Goes up to a maximum speed of 7.6 miles per hour

  • +

    Shock-absorbing running belt is comfortable to use


  • -

    Not as full-featured as a "regular" treadmill

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The UREVO 2-in-1 Treadmill is called a "two in one" treadmill because it serves two different purposes. You can use it under a standing desk, such as the Flexispot adjustable desk, and walk while you work. You can also use it on its own, without a desk. It has a moveable bar that folds down for under-desk use and pulls up when you use the treadmill on its own.

Like many of you, I do a lot of working from home at my computer. These days I hardly leave the house at all. That doesn't mean I want to remain in a chair all day, no matter how comfortable it is. I like to change up positions and it's important for me to stay active. The UREVO treadmill has been a great addition to my home office. In fact, I'm writing this entire review as I walk at a slow and easy 1.4 miles per hour.

Get more active

UREVO 2-in-1 Treadmill: What I like

Urevo 2 In 1 Treadmill Lifestyle

Urevo 2 In 1 Treadmill Lifestyle (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

I find the UREVO 2-in1 Treadmill makes it easy to just move more throughout the day. Being cooped up indoors nearly all day, every day in the long cold winter, it's easy to go from desk to couch to bed and not much more than that. I do work out regularly but have been struggling to stay active throughout the day. Since I've gotten the UREVO treadmill, I've been logging more steps in my day. It's just so easy. I stick it under my desk for a portion of my workday and/or I hop on for a bit while I'm taking a computer break.

The UREVO treadmill comes fully assembled (thank goodness). It has a bar that pulls up for use as a regular treadmill and folds down for use under a standing desk. It's pretty flat with the bar down, and can be stored under a bed or perhaps a sofa when not in use. There are wheels underneath the front end of the treadmill so you can move it easily.

The bar has treadmill controls on it, plus a slot to place your iPhone if you want to watch videos while you walk. The treadmill does come with a remote control to use when you have the bar folded down. Both work just fine. The shock-absorbing running belt is 16.9 inches wide and 42.5 inches long.

With the bar down, you can use it under your desk at up to 3.8 miles per hour. You can run up to 7.6 miles per hour with the bar up, though I'm not a runner, so I have not tested it extensively at high speeds. It has a 2.5 horsepower motor. An LED display on the front of the treadmill helps you track your speed, calories, time, and distance.

It's not the gym

UREVO 2-in-1 Treadmill: What I don't like

Urevo 2 In 1 Treadmill Lifestyle

Urevo 2 In 1 Treadmill Lifestyle (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

This is not a treadmill like the one you'd find in a gym. First of all, the weight limit is 265 pounds. There is no incline feature at all, which is a feature you'd expect from a serious treadmill. The bar is sturdy enough but it does wiggle a bit. Also note that the power button is underneath the treadmill, in the upper right-hand corner. For some reason that took me forever to find.

The competition

FluidStance Blanace Board

FluidStance Blanace Board (Image credit: FluidStance)

The FluidStance Balance Board is a non-mechanical option for incorporating some motion into your workday. Just staying upright and balanced on this board engages your core muscles as you work at your standing desk.

If you're looking for a real treadmill, NordicTrack is a popular option. Run or walk on this fully-featured treadmill, but it's not what you'd use under a desk.

UREVO 2-in-1 Treadmill: Should you buy

Urevo 2 In 1 Treadmill Lifestyle

Urevo 2 In 1 Treadmill Lifestyle (Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

You want to be more active

Whether you use this on its own or under your desk, you'll easily be able to log more steps without leaving the house.

You want to walk while you work at your standing desk

Set it for a low speed and you can walk while you work, which I'm doing as I write this review.

You don't want to devote a whole room to a treadmill

You won't need a dedicated home gym for the UREVO treadmill. It's fairly compact, plus with the bar folded down, you can quickly roll it under a bed or couch when not in use.

You should not buy this if ...

You want a treadmill like the one you use at the gym

You won't find as many features, nor it is as heavy-duty as treadmills you find at the gym.

You want to walk or run on an incline

Nope, no incline feature here.

You're a larger person

As a woman of very average height and weight, this treadmill is very comfortable for me, but it might not be for everyone. The walking/running belt is a relatively small 16.9-by-42.5 inches — if you're very tall it might not be ideal. Plus, the weight limit is 265 pounds.

The UREVO 2-in-1 Treadmill is a great product for the person who is looking to incorporate more activity into their workday, or just wants a simple home treadmill that doesn't take up too much space. I've logged a lot of steps using it both under my standing desk and on its own. It's not a gym-level treadmill, it doesn't have an incline feature, nor will it accommodate larger people.

I keep the UREVO 2-in-1 Treadmill in my home office. Sometimes I place it under my desk and walk slowly while I work, as I'm doing right now. Otherwise, I keep it near my desk and just do a quick 10 or 20-minute walk when I want to stretch my legs or take a phone call or computer break. It's really great for both purposes. If I were training for a marathon, however, I'd probably get more of a full-featured, heavy-duty treadmill. But for just getting more steps in every day, this treadmill has been fantastic.

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